And a softness came from the starlight and filled me full to the bone.

         ~ W. B. Yeats ~

Mikailah was born in Australia and grew up in Aotearoa (NZ).   Her most cherished memories are snow-capped mountains & walking the indigenous tracks to the sea.  These experiences gifted her a deep connection to the land, the ancestors and a direct communication to Spirit from a young age.

Whilst living in England in her early twenties, Mikailah trained in traditional witchcraft, tarot & spiritualism.  These highly creative, younger years fuelled a path of exotic, worldly adventures.  Alongside a hedonistic lifestyle, this led not only to addictions, but also to a deep spiritual crisis and emergence.

In every crisis, there is an opportunity for breakdown, or breakthrough.

Through addictions, pain and trauma, there is always a whisper from the Great Spirit if we choose to listen.

Whilst at this point of life or death, stripped down to nothing, there was a calling back to a sacred land.  This precious calling lit a small fire in the darkness.  Through a series of potent dreams, Mikailah was led to a group of medicine women, gathered under the stars, by a fire and a cauldron. This is where she began her shamanic dismembering and rebirth.

This painful initiation was not just a returning to self, but a deep integration with the earth and a rite of passage, where the Great Spirit led her to the ancient art of astrology.

This celestial roadmap, in the depths of soul-pain and change, was a tool to understand herself, this life, and how to channel her innate gifts to co-create with Spirit, the ancestors and earth medicine.

Astrology breathed the life back into her soul….

Her evolution as the Star Witch has evolved over 25 years of professional study in both astrology & shamanic training, ancestral teachings and honouring the earth medicine poet present in her blueprint.

Mikailah has taken the framework of soul astrology and infused it with her own personal sensorium. Her mystical studies have incorporated her deepest loves and innate callings which deliver a fusion of transpersonal psychology, energy clearings, and allowing soul path trauma to have a place to be acknowledged and transformed.

The gift that Spirit gave her to turn her deepest shadow self into this divine healing expression, is what she invites in others during their own spiritual crisis and emergence.

On the bridge of creative potential and soul dreams, you can find her ~ the Star Witch ~ honouring you, and your divine expression, as you transform your darkness into gold.

As a Messenger of Spirit, these Star Witch sessions can be specifically designed for the creative intuitive & free-spirited entrepreneur to find their soulful place out in the world.

To book a session please click on the link – https://www.starwitchastrology.com/work-with-me/

Mikailah acknowledges with gratitude, the ‘Original Sovereigns’, the First People of beautiful Wangerriburra Country, where her family lives on a sacred mountain learning Proper Way and walking her medicine path.

She pays her respects to the Elders, both past and present, for they hold the memories, traditions and culture of Indigenous Australia.

Mikailah acknowledges with love & reverence her astrology mentor & soul friend, Babula Clement (New Dawn Astrology), who deeply enriches the kaleidoscope of her astrological world.  Also, the writings and teachings of M Kelley Hunter & Demetra George as the foremothers of feminine astrology and the Dark Goddesses.

For more information please contact Mikailah by email or mobile 0415131125

Member of HTA Australia (Qualified Transpersonal Counsellor)

Member of FAA (Federation of Australian Astrologers)