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Lunar Magick


Welcome to the LUNAR MAGICK online course for both the Northern & Southern Hemispheres. Over the 4 weeks, I will take you on a journey to share lunar insights so you can discover your own intimate connection and what this means for you. __________ WHAT YOU WILL RECEIVE & LEARN: Lunar phases & their significance Waxing & waning cycles Eclipses & the nodes in your natal chart Ancient oracles & dream temples Journey with Lunar Botanicals GATHER WITH ME: We will gather for a live 60min zoom call - 10.30am QLD time. The call will be fully recorded and available in your own personal online portal if you can't join in person. 1. Thurs 9th Nov - Dark Moon prep 2. Thurs 16th Nov - Waxing 3. Thurs 23rd Nov - Full Moon prep 4. Thur 30th Nov - Waning ​ LUNAR MAGICK JOURNAL + RESOURCE BOOK Phases of the Moon – what they reveal energetically Full Moon Ceremony - meditation & sacred focus Ancient Dream Temples – inner visioning Lunar Rituals – soul-crafting with lunar magick BONUS: Personal 45min lunar session ~ to explore your natal moon sign + lunar nodes + planetary aspects (value $180)




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