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Cosmic Witchery Stellar Membership


By mistletoe & oak, this holy place that has been created to remind you of your divine mission and purpose here on planet Earth. We do this through 9 x Exclusive Monthly 90 minute online group calls and mentoring with Mikailah. Includes session recordings and beautifully designed manuals and resources to support your journey. ​ I am delighted to meet you in this modern-day cauldron of COSMIC WITCHERY / commencing 6th April 2023.  Around the Full Moon each month, we will explore planetary movements ~ including how best to navigate these transits in your own life & seasonal cycles.   There will also be lots of juicy cosmic witchery action! GATHERING DATES 1. Thursday 6th April – 11am     Full Moon April - opening gathering  ​ 2. Monday 1st May – Beltaine / Full Moon Scorpio 3. Monday 5th June – Solstice Prep 4. Monday 3rd July – Full Moon Cap 5. Monday 31st July – Imbolc / Lammas 6. Monday 28th Aug –Full Moon Pisces / Equinox prep 7. Monday 25th Sept – Full Moon Aries 8. Monday 30th Oct – Full Moon Taurus / Beltaine / Samhain  ​ 9. Monday 27th Nov – Full Moon Gemini ​ All gatherings at 11am AEST (Brisbane, QLD)  ​ Disclaimer – dates may be subject to change. STELLAR MEMBERSHIP The stellar membership is an exclusive opportunity for mentoring with Mikailah and is reserved for a small intimate group of up to 13 members max.   This allows for face to face intimacy within the group calls with ample time for Q&A / plus group reflection



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