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The Venus Journey ~ Morning Star


MORNING STAR JOURNEY For Morning Star Members & Complete Journey Members The Venus Star Gates is an invitation to deeply connect with your body intelligence & guidance in your own unique way, to step beyond the fear conditioning and to be aware of the veil of illusion that has been cast around us all. We will be throwing off the collective cloak of amnesia, to embody our higher frequencies as sovereign beings of divine expression. Together we explore the ancient lineages of priestesses, prophets, witches and earth healers. This embodied yet mystical experience opens the way for your own healing and allows it to flow into the collective. ​ We will spend time listening to the wisdom of the non-linguistic codes that are intricately woven through the intelligences of the plants, trees, birds - all living sentient beings who have an ancient wisdom within them. The magickal properties of plants, minerals and animals are all part of the cosmic origin. ​ Enriched with a more beautiful, abundant, loving existence that transcends the narrative of fear and separation, we will awaken a deeper part of ourselves and therein lies the key to creative sustainability and fulfilment.



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