Full Moon Magick

Dive deep to find your strength as we experience potent initiations and rites of passages.  The Full Moon in Gemini was exact Monday 4th December 1:48am AEST Queensland, Australia.  Gemini represents the realm of the mind. Allow your mind to be open to receive the flashes of inspiration from the creative source. Reflect on your communication skills and if they need improving? Delve into how your rational mind may keep you locked in and not allow you to discover the truth of your higher self. Do you flitter around not wanting to commit to the bigger picture? The restlessness of the Gemini air energy needs to be focused with breath work. Yoga is incredible for this. The twins always see two sides of a situation and need to have choices. Know that you are empowered by the options in your life. Create this for yourself!

The Full Moon in Gemini 11 degrees is opposite to the Sun in Sagittarius. Sagittarius is the fire element of liberation and truth in it’s functional expression. The independent, gypsy adventurer of the zodiac roams free to explore all visions of the mind and land. Expansive in nature this energy naturally searches and questions the higher beliefs in life and spiritual truths. Truth is based upon experience. Truths can change depending upon your experiences. Fill your world with optimism and hope. Aim your arrow high and shoot for the moon. Find your own wisdom amongst the stars and the elemental beings.

This Full Moon is potent for activating your dreams of travel, study, a new location or a curiosity or plethora of new dynamic ideas that you wish to implement in your life. Open to arms to release the old fears that no longer serve you. Celebrate the magick and light as we move through the Solstice gateway on December 22nd. Faery magick is afoot with these energies.

On Wednesday 6th December Mercury (the Trickster) goes retrograde (Sagittarius 29 degrees) for next three weeks till 23rd December.  Stay strong Wisdom Keepers & Warriors as Mercury will also be conjunct with Saturn for part of this sojourn. With Saturn as Mercury’s travelling partner, this will add a sense of seriousness and focus with the rational mind being ‘tricked’ to move aside for higher intelligences to assist you and offer a potential formula or strategy with practical manifestation of your dreams. There may also be a positive mental shift with viewpoints and perceptions, however do not lose yourself in illusive situations that wish to trick you and lead you astray.

Your attention may be drawn to past karmic patterns that are playing out in this life and that need to be released. Consequences for past actions and re-evaluation.

Dive deep to find your strength in these times of initiations and rites of passage. Reflect on Inanna stripped to the bone before experiencing her rebirth of wise truth.  Allow the wisdom and guidance of Saturn (Keeper of Time) to offer you growth and maturity in all of these fortifying situations.

Venus has also moved into Sagittarius for the month. Open your heart-space to magnetise what you desire. Allow the breath to be expansive and draw towards you what you truly want.

This is a potent time to create a vision board with Jupiter (the planetary rule of Sagittarius) trine Neptune. These energies are harmoniously flowing to support your creative soulful existence. Spread your wings and open your mind with no restrictions or limitations. Play music, spend time in nature, dance, sing, write poetry, meditate. Activate your playful imagination.

Call on the Creative Source with graditude. Pray with your awakened heart song and know the Great Creator will hear you. This is a magnificent alignment of dynamic attraction and purposeful dreaming. Dream well into reality.

Here’s to stimulating conversations and crazy adventures with your feet planted firmly on Mother Earth!

Mikailah is an evolutionary astrologer & shamanic practitioner.  If you would like to receive personal insights & guidance with these current planetary activities please contact her directly.

All sessions are available to our global village by video chat and include digital recording emailed directly to you.