Full Moon Self Love Ritual

Ritual is a magnificent way of clearing out old outmoded belief systems and replacing them with empowering ones.  Energy follows intent.  This is a wonderful ritual to honor one’s beauty with true acceptance.

This ritual is to love yourself more… for you are Infinite Grace!

On the night of the Full Moon prepare a sacred bath by placing special crystals of moonstone, rose quartz & seashells around it.  After you have soaked luxuriously in the divine waters, anoint yourself with rose & jasmine oil.

Gaze at your Divine Self in a mirror & say the following affirmation.

“I am filled with great love and beauty.

My energy and magic radiate for all to see.

Anoint pink or green candles with the intent of bringing sacred love and creative fertility into your life.  Use this time & space to love yourself more.  Cherish who you are for you are in a perfect state of being right now.  Ignite passion within your heart and radiate this energy throughout your entire luminous energy field.

Sing and dance with the fluidity of natural movement.  Raise your arms to the Heavens.  Acknowledge yourself as a Vessel of Great Love & Beauty.  The fecundity of life is all around you.  Spend time reflecting.  Rejoice in the moment of creation, reaching out across the abyss of time.

Now it is the time to release the energy.  Give thanks and blessings.  Ground yourself by walking barefoot on the earth.

Sing songs of self-acceptance & wisdom everyday ~ much love Mikailah

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