Full Moon / Venus Cazimi

Venus, Queen of the Underworld, is in the heart of the Leo Sun inconjunct Pluto.

Venus Cazimi is a magnanimous time of rebirth and sovereignty, together with the Aquarian Full Moon activating our collective memory of life here on Planet Earth.

This uneasy aspect lifts the cloak of amnesia relating to our stardust memories. A challenging dynamic to bear in our human bodies as relational sorrow and exhaustion can sometimes be overwhelming.

It is important to have faith in our hearts as our inner & outer landscapes balance our emotional needs and desires.

There may be an unexpected diversion with your purpose here on earth. A lost aspect of yourself has suddenly reappeared like the prodigal child wanting to return home. The awareness and comprehension of this epiphany calls for a joyful celebration.

Black Moon conjunct Neptune in Pisces pierces the collective veil to reveal the errors of our ways. To surrender to faith and transcend beyond separation and fear. The Shining Ones who hold the existence of humanity and nature in their hands are welcoming us to remember our deepest creative potential and soul mission.

A multi-dimensional journey and the casting of spells for our planetary healing. This misplaced magical piece of wizardry and witchcraft is now intertwined as we trust in the unseen.

Remember it is never too late to shine!

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