Medicine Bundles

For many years I have worked in ‘collaborative adventures’ with artists, musicians, writers, healers, poets and wayseers to bring about a more sustainable world for our art.  This has been the impetus to create transpersonal ‘medicine bundles’ for our ravenous, passionate souls, to hold the beauty and forge a new pathway.  A place in the world where we belong and where we are cherished and loved.

Medicine basket

The metaphorical idea of the transpersonal ‘medicine bundle’ came to me during a sound healing.  It originates from the native American tradition of sacred medicine bags.  These medicine bags were worn on the body to remind the wearer of their unique purpose and direction in life.  The bags would hold sacred objects such as plant medicine, crystals, feathers, shells, talismans, ‘prayers’ made of clay, which related specifically to the wearer’s creative healing gifts and potentials.

The symbolic concept of the transpersonal ‘medicine bundle’ has been birthed from this traditional idea and has a significant resonance to the individual that I work with … ‘an ancient tool that is used in a modern application.’

The ‘medicine bundle’ assists you in connecting with your Authentic Being and to follow your true calling.  This is offered through three individual, transpersonal sessions, where we explore your creative gifts and potential, releasing any fears or limitations around this.

  • Experiential Astrology – soul direction, creative gifts and archetypal energies
  • Transpersonal Counselling – to explore limitations & fears ~ to embrace the Authentic Self
  • Shamanic Soul Retrieval – reclaiming the essence of creative passion

The transpersonal ‘Medicine Bundle’ comprises of three unique sessions for more information please contact Mikailah.


“Since my adolescence I believed I had some treasure to live to share and contribute. Whilst confused about what my gifts were. Not seeming to fit a mould or path already created. Finding my own way deepening into my path and trusting my inner guidance has been my journey.
In a world of trained rights and wrongs dos and dont’s conditions to adhere to and follow, finding the confidence to blaze my own way has taken its time.
Mikailah is a subtle weaver of magic, with the magnitude of these gifts the big picture changes and we find ourselves in a new reality. She holds an earthy space for the mind to be opened to the truth. She addresses the need for truth and clarity when delivering the vision of personal ethical service, with heart!
Through journeying with Mikailah I have been nurtured gently encouraged boldly and been supported deeply. This support has not come just from this thoroughly educated and experienced amazing woman but from a well of wisdom, cosmic connection that is otherworldly.
She has interacted with my soul. Whispered me home, anchored me in my truth. Sessions with her have connected me to my innate wisdom, the wisdom and perfection of the earth-nature the nurture within me and with out me.
I have come away confidently connected, I now feel I have a profound powerful team of support beyond my wildest dreams.  I’m Illuminated, activated and blissfully reconnected with my mission, my own medicine and the medicine I have now to share with the world.” Marissa Donaldson ~ Alimental Energies