Partial Lunar Eclipse + Retrograde Planets

Photo Credit Nelson Pegossi

What an action packed few months with all the planetary activity, and it is not going to ease up!   It is time to become a cosmic surfer and ride these wild waves of celestial intensity…

We currently have five planets in retrograde; Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune & Pluto alongside the asteroid Chiron (the sacred wound).  It is wise to spend this period reflecting, resting, re-evaluating and releasing.  2020 is going to be dynamically charged so best get ready.

We are also still being recalibrated with the intense karmic release of South Node / Saturn & Pluto in Capricorn.  A powerhouse of immense pressure charged with dismantling the old fear-based systems that are no longer serving.   This is only highlighted more by the lunar eclipse 24 degrees Capricorn on Wednesday 17th July AEST. 

Venus in Cancer (emotional healing) is embraced with the North Node for the lunar eclipse.  Venus is in opposition to the tense side of Saturn Rx in Capricorn.  This energy may not be easy as it challenges personal growth and unity of consciousness.  It pulls you forward releasing old expectations in relationships.  Soften into this new way instead of being hard on yourself.  The North Node comes to activate your soul’s evolution and awakens your life’s purpose and destiny.  (Check out in your natal chart what house the eclipse takes place.  This will give you a clue to your personal themes.)

Venus as the Morning Star disappeared last week in her underworld journey.  She will rise again in September in her peaceful aspect as the Evening Star (alongside the crescent moon).  Internal reflection relating to all matters of the heart, just like Venus we must take this journey along.  Together with retrograding Chiron in Aries this is an ideal opportunity to explore any resistance to reclaiming the lost pieces of your full potential. 

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