“I am a star witch, medicine carrier and earth poet.  No conqueror can take this away now.

This is the time of the Way seers, the dream weavers & earth keepers.  The ones who live in the forests and walk the sacred lands.  The ones who listen to the language of their soul and nature, finding a resonant kinship with the trees, waterways, birds & insects.  The elements, plants, stones & animals are potent wisdom-keepers and teachers.  My eyes follow this magick, instead of ‘letters of competence’, I am shown talismans and sigils.

In nothingness there is so much space to create.  Let’s make space for creation, magick, mystery and simplicity in our lives.  Dive deep in to the golden sunstone of your soul to find true self love and rich celebration.  Reclaim the Lost Traveller, the misplaced gypsy that has been locked away in the mechanism of time itself.  A prisoner of the false illusions that exist around self-importance on an empirical scale.

As the bird song breaks through heralding a new dawn the circle of Spirit Grandmothers come close.  Each has a message of kinship to share.  They call me by my ancient name.  The one who sings the old songs.  The songs that allowed the navigators to find their way across the oceans to new lands.  The planetary dream-seeds & crystal beings that have been the guardians of the original ones have awakened.  This is the stirring of the restlessness that you feel within you.

“Do not seek outside of yourself what exists within”.  I invite you to take this within your heart and reflect on what lies there for you?  What has been lost that can be re-claimed, loved, nurtured and celebrated?  Listen to your own whisperings and songs of creation, for they are there, and they do exist you just need to find them.

You are a bright, Shining One.  You were born with a treasure trove of gifts and you may ask where do I find this?  Well you just need to follow the landscape of your soul, embracing creativity, nature and the Great Mystery of life itself.” ~ Mikailah 2019

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