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Oracle Guidance


One of my greatest loves is the Victorian era of spiritualism & channelling.

Channelling is the art of communicating  through the veils and accessing messages from familiar spirits.

These private readings are generally only available to participants in my Cosmic Witchery online container & signature program.

If you have a resonance with channelling, I am now offering private 45min readings for a limited time.

Many have received channelled guidance from the Oracle Sephora - Lady of a 1000 Roses | An ancient earth priestess who weaves across all time / space & dimensions.

I imagine myself as a wise old Crone still offering these oracle sessions in my later years to come!

🜁 This is a beautiful client’s letter about a session with Sephora 🜃

“Sitting with Sephora is like stepping out of this reality and into a multi-dimensional dream.

Sessions facilitated by Mikailah with Sephora light up an aspect of me that remembers we are existing on multiple inter-dimensional timelines where answers to questions that I can’t find on earth are available to be explored.

We often meet time keepers, cosmic guardians on our journeys to outer spaces of the universe and when we return from these experiences there is such a shift in my perspective that my sense of hope, optimism and inspiration are fully charged.

These sessions have been profoundly healing, putting to rest fears that I have carried for lifetimes because of Sephora’s ability to draw from the records of time and articulates what she sees in a very motherly way, in that she teaches me how to let go of the pain or memory that has been holding me back in ways I didn’t even realise.

She often gives me ideas or directions to take in life and, rather than other oracles, she holds me accountable to making sure I am taking action on the visions of the future.

The more I sit with Sephora, the deeper our connection becomes and the more that is revealed me about my life path, purpose and direction.” @leilamckail

Private reading for participants in Star Witch mentoring containers $180 AUD - please contact me for booking this session for a limited time.

Much love & magick

Mikailah Star Witch.


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