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Pluto Cazimi

Sun Pluto Cazimi Aquarius ☉ ♇ ♒︎

21st Jan 2024 10:55am AEST

The progressive awakening of our collective consciousness.

It is time to say ‘au revoir' to the overstated sentimentality of the past and create a ‘new octave of consciousness & existence for the future’.

The flip side of this is diving deep into the underworld of our emotional patterning with relational issues & plutonic vampiric, discordant shadow energies.    

What friendships or relationships have completed their natural course?

Is it time to release them with heart-felt love to move on and breathe easily in your own luminous energy field.

Embrace the freedom of this spaciousness without the heavily layered agendas or ill-intentioned motives - conscious or unconscious.

Ask yourself what is important for you to stay in authentic truth and integrity of humanitarian expression?

Be wise in your decision making as this is shape shifting your whole perspective of the world.

Are the current cosmic energies giving you the impetus to make that liberated change or is it best to let the dust settle from the emotional spotlight?

Only you will know the answer to this.

Trust yourself.

On another sensitive note maybe ask yourself …when did you lose your confidence to shine and trust in your own nature?

Your unique individuality & creative expression.

Let the energies guide you intuitively to bring you into natural alignment.   

Each to their own to offer conscious prayers out into the world for the collective healing.

Maybe we will be able to restfully sleep once we are through this Aquarian star gate.

Mikailah Star Witch  𓆃

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