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The Witch Wound

Thank you for sticking with me whilst I’ve been going through a time of upheaval in my life.

I’ve been journeying deeply with the Witch wound present in my own psyche.

This ancient wound revealing themes of betrayal, jealousy & competition from lack of trust and ultimately overwhelming fear.

Memories from other times & dark places revealed of being exiled to the wilderness where there was scarcity & my survival was paramount as a solitary woman.

Shamed & ridiculed for the sacred prophetic or even more hurtful being betrayed & usurped by those trusted that led to my own dark shadow self being triggered.

The extraction of astral fragments and soul loss as the cursed and curser.

It has taken a massive dose of courage and a depth of honesty to slowly walk myself back home to a place of feeling safe & supported.

To keep my heart open and to trust the wisdom of the different parts that have presented with curiosity & compassion.

I am so grateful for the sight and valour of the witches map especially the one gifted by my plant teachers to recognise my own poison.

If this speaks to your witchy soul - check out my sessions where together we walk each other home & reclaim the lost parts of ourselves.

Keep shining in your magnificence..  rejoicing in your essence and the gold that reveals on the other side.

The Holy Witches ★ and the Soul Doula session can support you to identify old soul programs to rediscover your true magnificence and shine, more brightly than ever before ★


Much love & stardust blessings

Mikailah x

¸.•´¸.•*•❥• STar Witch Astrology •❥•*¨*•.¸¸..♡

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