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Welcome to the witches garden & Samhain.

The Ancient Ones in the Northern Hemisphere traditionally celebrated Samahin when the sun was at 15deg Scorpio (Nov) and Beltaine when the sun as at 15deg Taurus (May)

As an astrologer this delights me as it weaves together the solar & stellar themes.

Here in the Southern Hemisphere we celebrate the seasonal wheel of Life the opposite from the North so Samhain is when the sun is at 15deg Taurus this year – 6 & 7th May. This Samhain / Beltaine gateway is especially potent it aligns with the Dark Moon in Taurus 5/5/2019

Powerful intentions are to be set at this time.

Samhain is when the veils are the thinnest between the spirit and physical realms.

This is when dreaming will be profound, insights intense and for many of us it is a time of returning and remembering.

It may also be a time of feeling ‘out-of-synch’ with the physical world for it is the inner-reflection of our magickal soul that is asking us for our attention.

The key is inward stillness not outward action. A time to take it back to Self.

Let us not forget that the Wise Old One & Elder rules these realms. They push and pull you, sometimes kicking and screaming, into the unknown darkness to release all that is stagnant, worn-out and tired in your life… whatever it is that does not truly inspire you, energise you or give you passion. The objective is clear, direct, honest & sharp like a diamond. This season does not reflect the subjectivity and immaturity of the younger ones.

In the darkness of Samahin, the Elder will present to you a seed-pod containing several seeds. You have to choose which one you want to plant and carry through to the next season of your life into Spring.

Just spend a moment visualizing the planted seed in the moist, potent dark soil of regeneration. The symbolic seed represents the gift of hope, renewal and resurrection. It is a treasured gift that will see you through the dark, potent time when you are journeying with the Elders and what they need to share with you. We all go through this cycle (and not just once) for this is the Spiral of Life.

It is a time of embracing what the Wise Old One is telling you. There maybe trepidation, however be reassured that after we move through Samhain and the darkest night of the Winter Solstice(June 20/21st here in the Southern Hemisphere) we give birth to a new creation!

Light is gaining and the seeds have just started to sprout. The joy of growth and the exciting possibilities of a new cycle are upon us. You may find the Midwife of the Crescent Moon breathes life back into a lost part of your soul.

Blessings of the Wheel of Life to you and your Ancestors.

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