Star Witch Wisdom Dark Moon Leo

Divine creativity is waiting for us with the Sirius portals opening the Lions gateway on 8th August.  You may already be able to feel your heart space opening in replenishment glory as there have been major waves of this celestial energy since last week.

Venus moved into Leo on 28th July and this transmits joyful magnetism and creation.  There is a showering of golden light coming down to us to from the etheric cosmic temples offering the gift of feminine grace that is so needed. 

Retrograding Chiron in Aries (the medicine healer & sacred wound) forms a trine to Venus (personal values).  The witches of old are whispering to us through these portals as we reclaim magick for activism, healing and wrongdoings.  We are held and supportive throughout this time as we cast spells with ram’s horns, frankincense & copper. 

Remember to rest well and dream for three days over the Dark Moon in Leo 8 degrees ~ Thursday 1st August (Southern Hemisphere).   It is afterwards that we set new intentions with the waxing crescent.

Mercury in Cancer will be stationery so be mindful of emotional or dramatic communications.  Instead be open to receive the flashes of inspiration from the creative source. Reflect on your communication skills if they need improving? Delve into how your rational mind may keep you locked in and not allow you to discover the truth of your higher self. The restlessness of the air energy needs to be focused with breathwork.  Know that you are empowered by the options in your life. Open your arms to release any old fears that no longer serve you and know your worth.

Mars in Leo trine Jupiter in Sagittarius.  This is a harmonious planetary activation for dreams of travel, study, relocation or a plethora of new dynamic ideas that you wish to implement in your life.

Pay attention to your actions and think before you act impulsively.  Mars & Jupiter in fixed and mutable fire signs respectively, are a highly spontaneous duo that can go completely overboard with excessive egoic behaviour, or risqué extravagances. 

After the intense pressure of Saturn and Pluto dragging us down into the underworld to address old wounds, maybe ask yourself when was it that you lost your confidence to shine and trust in your own nature?  Your unique individual gifts that can be energetically tracked back to the Divine Child or the Wounded One? 

Dance, paint, draw, create, sing with no expectations.  Spread your wings and open your mind with no restrictions or limitations.  Engage your playful imagination and welcome in the solar energy of Leo.

When you pray with an awakened heart Spirit hears you.  Let the energies intuitively guide you to restore a natural alignment of cosmic lore and order.  As always, spend time in nature for earth-based wisdom and messages of cosmic intelligences to be grounded.

May the force be with you!

Mikailah ~ Singing Crow Astrology

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