The Inanna Star journey ~ 8 month sacred container 2022.

Venus as the Morning Star offers a potent experiential RELEASE for 2022.

I invite you to join me for these MONTHLY activations that are aligned with the ancient rites of Inanna & will support you in preparing for your own personal ritual.

We will also be collectively releasing old spells + contracts that were cast over the witches & earth healers.

MORE JUICY INFO on this in the course!


By activating our highest, divine expression of love and purpose.

GROUP VIDEO CALLS are each lunar month, during the waning dark cycle.

In the interactive 90min group call, you will receive tools & resources to create your own personal ritual with intention setting.

The group call will support you in preparation, a few days before each monthly activation (group video call dates below)

OPTION FOR SOLITARY WITCHY CREATURES ~ if you decide you do not wish to join the group call (for whatever reason), you will always receive the audio MP3 within 24hrs.

When you create magick at each CHAKRA gateway, it will activate a potent message for your own healing + the collective.


Mon 24th Jan

Mon 21st Feb

Mon 28th March

Mon 25th April

Mon 23rd May

Mon 20th June

Mon 25th July

Mon 22nd August

Brisbane AEST 7pm – 8.30pm

Please adjust accordingly for daylight savings + global time zones.

Disclaimer if there is no internet service on the above dates, the MP3 pre-recorded audio will be sent to you.

If you are unable to make the group call you will still receive the audio to support you in the preparation!


Astrological energies for the lunar month.

Chakra themes & gateway releases

Tracking the activation of the Morning Star in your own natal chart

Shamanic cosmology

Nature Guardianship – wildcrafting with Venus & Lunar botanical allies

Rituals & resources to support you at each of the chakra gateways


Access to online resources & tools that will support you in this exploration – audio + video + workbook (valued over $60)

Soul Path Clearing 60min session (valued $200) – a personalised 1 :1 session with me to unlock what has revealed for you from other times, places + dimensions.

SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY PRICE $580 (if paid in total by 7th Jan 2022)

Terms & conditions apply ~ Please take the time to read this.

Transferable to any Star Witch service – non refundable / pro-rata.

Once payment is received this is acceptance of the terms & conditions.


Payment plans are available on total price. Terms and conditions apply. (Please refer to above).

THIS INVITATION is open to all beautiful souls who wish to create a new perspective + reclaim abundant, creative dreams for yourself + humanity.

To secure your place please DM me ~ please feel free to share as I would love to have you join us at the Star Witch table.

Mikailah Star Witch

Photo Artistry @handpoketattoobyluna