Time to Get Real

Photo Credit: John Towner

The intensities of the current eclipse season Cancer / Capricorn are still at play till 2020. With our macabre Saturn & sexy Pluto retrograding it is crunch time to literally stand up and face the music. Past karmic energies will be sweeping around for another haunting review and they will leave no stone unturned in their fearful wake.  This will particularly affect those with personal planets or cardinal angles in the signs of Aries / Libra / Cancer / Capricorn (16-26 degrees).

Radically check in with yourself regarding your so-called noble motivations and pray that all is accounted for with personal gain or recognition. The ancient weavers of fate have a reputation with the destiny of humankind, cosmic lore and controlling the mother thread of life. It can be messy, debauched and downright ugly in these life-changing situations. Absolutely crucial ingredients for dark and potent transformation (especially with power.)

The self-indulgent, manipulative energies of toxic positivity and spiritual by-passing will be flailing in the winds with the tense Jupiter Neptune square easing slightly until early to mid-September when we will be experiencing another cluster of these applying energies. Heavily invested belief systems will be redundant. High ideals could be prone to confusion and phantasmagorical fantasy.

Just as the bewitching sirens seduced naive sailors to their death so too could this Neptune retrograde be serenading us with themes of deception and misguided enchantment. We need to ask where have we been bound or entangled? Or lulled to conveniently forget and then torn to shreds?  How consciously enlightened really are we – let’s get real with this reality check.

Remember to have faith as once we emerge from the subterranean depths of Hades, we will embody newfound freedom, authenticity and creative inspiration.

The capacity to view our inner world with an enhanced skill and awareness of the emotional and psychic lands we traverse. Laser vision perception can be acquired!

Don’t thank me thank the planets. Seriously it is all going to be good. May the force be with you!

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