Time to Shine

Lunar Eclipse Leo 11deg = Total Eclipse begins 10.51pm Qld

Keep it simple sweetie!  Follow your heart & creative passion for emotional fulfillment.

What has been playing out for you since the Leo Solar eclipse last August 2017?  Has there been a potent or significant event over the last six months?

If so, maybe it has come up for review and completion on this lunar eclipse tonight.

Spend some time reflecting on the themes of the last six months.  Has there been unearthing of karmic contracts or strong heart-centred activations to follow your dreams – career, relationships, home, reason for existence?

The moon herself relates to soul essence, family, ancestral connections, sense of belonging, emotional patterning, reaction, security & stability, inner peace.

The Leo/Aquarius polarity is about joy, passion, creative expression, natural authentic leadership, the right to shine as a Sovereign Being, the personal gifting for humanity & the progressive awakening of our collective consciousness.

The flip side of this is diving deep into the underworld of our emotional patterning with family or relationship issues, especially father stuff.  What friendships have completed their natural course and is it time to release them with heart-felt love to move on from the drama?  Ask yourself what is important for you to stay in authentic truth and expression?

Be wise in your decision making.  Are the current cosmic energies giving you the impetus to make that liberated change or is it best to let the dust settle from the emotional spotlight?  Only you will know the answer to this.  Trust yourself.

On another sensitive note maybe ask yourself …when did you lose your confidence to shine and trust in your own nature?  Your own unique individuality and gifts tracking back to the Divine Child or Wounded One.  Spend some time writing and journalling.  Get out your art book and colourful pastels and draw without criticism from the judgemental parent-figure.  Let the child create with wild abandon!

“I am a most magickal Star Being with creative potential”

“My creative energies heal me and are a wonderful gift for the world”

“We are safe & supported.  It is time to shine in this life time”

Ceremony is always a magickal way to honour all of what is revealing from the deep.  Let the energies guide you intuitively to bring you into natural alignment.   Each to their own to offer conscious prayers out into the world for the collective healing.




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