Total Solar Eclipse Cancer 2019

Total Solar Eclipse 10 degrees Cancer.

Can you feel the potency brewing? This solar eclipse offers a significant opportunity for timeline healing of past emotional memories.

AEST Brisbane / Sydney / Melbourne 3rd July @ 5:16am
AWST Perth 3rd July @ 3:16am
UT London 2nd July @ 8:16pm
EDT New York 2nd July @ 3:16pm
PDT San Francisco 2nd July @ 12:16pm

A solar eclipse only occurs during the dark moon phase. This phenomenon happens when the moon’s shadow falls across the earth because of the angle of the moon between the earth and the sun.

Eclipses are shimmers in time where you can traverse between the worlds of the past and the future to anchor your dreams into the now. When you travel into this unknown and sometimes turbulent darkness, the intention is emancipation from limiting elements in your life that are not inspiring or energising you.

The eclipse energy is exceptionally powerful and has the potential for intense metamorphosis ~ letting go of the past and detachment of old beliefs and ego-based conditionings. Self-responsibility is the key as negative looping in familiar patterns keep you stuck in an unhealthy time warp.

Check in with yourself ~ what themes have been playing out since the eclipse from January 2019? Has there been potent or significant events over the last six months? Spend some time reflecting on the last six months. Has there been unearthing of karmic contracts or strong heart-centred activations to follow your dreams – career, relationships, home, reason for existence?

These themes will continue throughout this eclipse season till early 2020. Also reflect on what was happening 19 years ago (nodal return) as this may have a historical imprint that needs completion or at least revisiting.

The moon relates to the feminine, soul essence, family, ancestral connections, sense of belonging, emotional patterning, security & stability, inner peace. The sun represents passion, identity, vitality and ego.

The current eclipse season with the Cancer/Capricorn polarity is about seeking emotional fulfilment by finding your supported yet vulnerable place in the world.

There is a celestial gift with this Cancerian eclipse energy for mother/child healing and an opportunity for forgiveness. Forgiveness is not necessarily about forgetting events, it is about letting go. Most importantly create time and space to forgive yourself with loving compassion.

This is an incredibly sensitive gateway so be responsible on how you navigate your emotional world with the psychological patterning in family or relationship dynamics. Remember to keep those boundaries strong. Practice self-enquiry every step of the way.

One last question to ask yourself ~ are the current cosmic energies giving you the impetus to make that liberated change or is it best to let the dust settle from the emotional karmic discharge? Only you will know the answer to this. Trust yourself.

More on the Mercury Rx in the next post!

Photo Credit Christopher Campbell

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