3x monthly sessions – TOTAL INVESTMENT AUD $700 payment upfront via square

I support progressive / free-spirited individuals to create magick in their lives, without feeling overwhelmed during these times of uncertainty.

In offering my gifts and skills through the Signature Package, I use intuitive practices to map out a person’s soul contract and work with their past lives to release old blueprints that no longer serve.

Releasing karmic blocks or magnetic imprints that hinder people from stepping forth, sets them on the path of transformation through being courageous enough to step into their full expressed potential.

I work with people who take radical self-responsibility for their lives. Supporting people to recognise their life’s purpose, their soul gifts, and why they have chosen to be here at this point in the evolution of humanity is my inspiration for doing this work.

My unique abilities support me in traversing into galactic realms, channelling spirits, yet remaining exceptionally grounded in the here and now. My journeys in all worlds have taught me that being spiritual was irrelevant without having the practical tools and resources to support everyday life. These gifts I offer to you in my premium Signature Package sessions.

The wisdom, maturity and experience I have gained over the years have shown me that life is sometimes messy, unpredictable and chaotic. As human beings, we are not perfect.

My mission is to help people transform by bringing magick and creativity into their lives, and to ultimately contribute to the evolution of humanity with new ways of living.


What you receive:

Session 1 – 60 min Soul Astrology ~ value $260

  • Discover birth blueprint
  • Meet your star elders (individual planetary transits)
  • Discover the areas of your life that require change and healing

Session 2 – 60min Soul Path Clearing ~ value $245

  • Addressing past life patterns / sabotaging narratives
  • Entity clearing
  • Soul contract clearing
  • Healing ancestral wounding
  • Clearing attachment to the past

Session 3 – 60min Transpersonal Integration ~value $260

  • Address shadow patterns and how to integrate these aspects
  • Integrated astrology themes
  • Empowering tools to continue clearing process
  • Moving forward into healthy, creative expression
  • Practical steps towards further healing and change

Practical benefits can be to assist with:

  • Finding peace, well-being and acceptance.
  • To walk your life with more authenticity and integrity.
  • To enliven the creative spark within you.
  • To be more present and grounded in your life.
  • Full expression in your relationships + soul business out in the world

The potency of these sacred realignment sessions call for self-care afterwards to assist with the integration of what has shifted in the psyche during this process.

  • Live water and nourishing food
  • Self-love & gentle rest
  • Engaging in the creative arts (journaling, drawing, painting, dancing, drumming)

If you are interested in booking a session or you would like more information, please contact Mikailah.


“Tracing the tracks of our soul path is a sacred service to be held only with the deepest reverence & responsibility. 

Mikailah invokes temple space of old where holiness cradled our bereft bones & weaved together tired, torn fragments with a golden thread shining light on our journey ahead.

Her Soul Clearing + Signature sessions offer safe sanctuary to drop into deep scars carried covertly for many lifetimes.

Each attuned exploration invites in a self-awareness of the unconditional love & acceptance hidden beneath core wounding. Each violation & annihilation anointed to heal & seal soul contracts no longer in service to the wild ride ahead.

These sessions are a potent soul balm inviting us in to the true essence of who we are.”  Jayne Robert’s testimonial

Consultations are for guidance only.  Please keep in mind you are ultimately responsible for the choices and decisions you make in regards to your consultation and personal situation.  

Consultations should not be substituted for the advice given by a medical and/or mental health care / legal professional.

Member of HTA Australia (Qualified Transpersonal Counsellor)

Member of FAA (Federation of Australian Astrologers)