Transpersonal therapies integrate spiritual and psychological growth through different spectrums of the consciousness.  An intention is set to explore the meaning of personal life experiences and choices, regarding self-awareness, individual potential and aspirations. To ultimately take responsibility of Self to become a more fulfilled and authentic person.


Sessions incorporating transpersonal therapies can be beneficial to:

  • Help alleviate daily stresses
  • Calm mental focus and attention
  • Deal with loss and separation
  • Search for a deeper life purpose / direction
  • Cultivate well-being in the heart and spirit
  • Inspire the creative spark and calling
  • Support during spiritual emergency / emergence


Sessions are tailor-made to the individual’s needs, and offer the contemplative and creative arts for personal development and consciousness exploration.

  • Symbolic work: dream appreciation, guided imagery, active imagination
  • Uncovering techniques: focusing, shadow work, creative journalling
  • Interpersonal strategies: conflict resolution, collaborative problem-solving
  • States of consciousness: meditation, relaxation, body mapping
  • Transpersonal tools and resources: guidance, myths, symbols, stories, ritual, medicine drum journeys

For further information or to book a session that incorporates transpersonal therapies please contact Mikailah tel 0415131125

Mikailah is a professional Transpersonal Counsellor ~ Associated Member of HTA.

Consultations are for guidance only.  Please keep in mind you are ultimately responsible for the choices and decisions you make in regards to your consultation and personal situation.  You are the Director of your own Free Will.

Consultations should not be substituted for the advice given by a medical and/or mental health care / legal professional.