Wild Beauty Self-Care

Wild beauty is a bridge between the Heavenly Cosmos and the pulsating rhythms of Earth.  She contains a rich tapestry of experiences that make up the story of your life.  She is mysterious, dark and succulent.  She roars with the strength of a Lioness and sensually touches your skin to delight and inspire you beyond your wildest imaginations.  She beckons with desire.


To visualise the Wild Beauty, imagine the time you spent walking the windswept plains of the landscape of your soul.  She is the light that calls you to explore the uncharted territory that no one else can see around you.   She breathes a fire into your spirit and excites the flame of creativity.  Her eyes access the depths of originality and uniqueness that is her special ‘calling card’ for all concerned.

The Wild Beauty encodes your essence with the expansion of pure source and alignment with the Earth Song of our times.  For many she is a very familiar energy, for others she is waiting to be discovered.

We have all been conditioned to act and talk in a certain way that is reflective of our social and cultural filters.  The Wild Beauty speaks in terms of freedom and movement that resonates with our own sacred dance within.


She engages in a language that pours forth from the gateways of the heart.  When we have experienced a disconnection from the magic around us the Wild Beauty navigates her way to restore equilibrium to the energetic light body.  She connects us to our passion for life.

Wild Beauty will ask the all-important question of you… “What is your passion?” 

She will then cultivate a relationship with you to work from this catalytic point.  Together you will traverse a new form that relates intrinsically to the physical and soul matter of your creative being.


Practical ways for the Wild Beauty to live within you.

*  First and foremost, trust your own intuition ~ know thyself

*  Discover the inspiration of your creative source

*  Take regular walks in nature to connect with the devic spirits and elementals

*  Howl at the Moon in all her nine phases

*  Dispel anger and rage in a safe environment

*  Take a candlelit bath to soothe the soul

*  Drum, dance and sing wildly

*  Continually review and release all energies that are not in true alignment with your Self

*  Embrace diversity

*  Empower yourself through financial freedom.  Know that you have choices!

*  Let go of all outmoded concepts of duality ‘good versus bad’

*  Expand your heart-space through meditation

*  Connect with your totem animals and spirit allies.  Let them ‘speak’ to you.

* Lay the ‘Inner Critic’ & ‘Condemning Judge’ to rest.  The Wild Feminine’s partner of choice is far    more exciting and liberated!

* Create delicious, seasonal meals with organic or local produce.  The Wild Feminine loves  wholesome food.

* Receive restorative, healing bodywork.  Use your gift of discernment when connecting to a    therapist or practitioner.

* Paint a large, colorful canvas to express your soul

* Allow the ‘Inner Child’ to play and have fun

* Henna your body in sacred ritual

* Return your star fire to the Earth in joyful celebration

* Discover your star-map and your relationship with the Cosmos

* Dispel all ‘shoulds’ in your life and release expectations from others

* Spend time gardening to feel the Earth.  Even in the city you can keep pots of herbs,    vegetables and flowers.

* Write poetry and story-tell aspects of your Wild Feminine life

* Keep a dream journal of your nighttime travels

* Speak your truth and respect yourself!

By allowing the fusion of the Wild Beauty within your own life it will support the healing and a new way forward.  Remember you are the Director so enjoy!


Written for the Goddess Magazine 2010 in the winter place. 

Full Moon in Sagittarius, Uranus in Aries.