Winter Solstice June 2018

We have just had the Winter Solstice Gateway here in the Southern Hemisphere. As we know, the Ancient Ones worked strongly with the Solstices and Equinoxes. So, there are very important frequencies we can tune into at pivotal times. The Winter Solstice is the longest night and the shortest day here in the Southern Hemisphere in June, but at the same time, all the beautiful creatures in the Northern Hemisphere are going through Summer Solstice which is the polarity of the dark and the light.

Winter Solstice (Yule) is the birthing time, pagan mythologies and other ancient tribal myths are about the nature element giving birth to the sun, so the dark gives birth to the light. That is why it’s so beautiful to have our elemental fire here in our ceremonial circle. Over the last few days there have been energetic access points for tuning into the spirits of nature, the tree guardians and releasing old stories and paradigms around what we no longer need to carry.

The three days of journeying through the solstice portal have been quite strong for people on a physical level. There has been lots of physical symptoms, whether you want to call it ‘ascension symptoms’ coming up for people or recognising what needs to be let go to bring you into ‘right relationship’ with yourself and others. There has also been an opposition of Mars (masculine principles) & Venus (feminine principles) alongside the nodal axis points. For those of you that are astrology-lovers it’s fascinating, because the south node is the dragon’s tail, and it holds our gifts and talents from other life times, other incarnations. It holds the keys to what we have come into this lifetime with, what we’re imbued with, on a soul essence, it’s bringing through those gifts from previous incarnations & past lives.

Astrology is a combination of the psychological, your personality, your conditionings but also the spiritual, the cosmic, the Essential Self, and so it is a wonderful insightful & cosmic tool, but also very grounded and practical as well. We are being strongly activated here about ‘right relationship.’ Right relationship with each other, right relationship to what we choose to eat, the water we’re drinking and what we are doing with our physical bodies. These aspects are guiding us as to what is right for us and you may find, it is a time of lightening the load so to speak in all avenues of your life.

No matter who we are, where we work or where we put our energies, it is always about coming back to deep inner reflection within yourself. Saturn’s in Capricorn for the next two years, so from January this year, there has been a strong anchoring where the Wise Teacher, the Wise Elder archetype, is holding us strongly, in what it is we wish to dream in and anchor for our potential being here. To manifest into reality what is going to serve us for the long term.

And yes, Saturn is a tough initiator, however there comes with all these planetary energies, amazing lessons and insights because the planetary guardians are there to offer us insight into our personal growth and self-awareness. So, there is no right or wrong. It is how we choose to work with these energies through the initiations, the tests, the challenges, the opportunities that come through and as above, so below. The Cosmos is living inside of us, so it is all happening inside of us.

There is a focus on, what is it you’ve been carrying for many years, you may have absolutely loved, and it may have even been in your therapeutic practice. Something you’ve been teaching, or walking with, or working with for many years and it’s served you for many years incredibly well. Or it may be on a more personal level around patterns or coping mechanisms, structures which have been put in place that have made us solid and contained and given us a sense of purpose. However, if you reflect along the lines of self-enquiry are they serving us now or is it time to let go? The wheel has turned with the Solstice. Is it now time to let go of this practice, this way of being? This sense of identity? This relationship? Perhaps the joy and passion are not there anymore. It is about really connecting with what is going to serve you in the way forward.

I love Alberto Villoldo’s work where he has a beautiful concept called ‘updating your conscious dreaming’ which is a wonderful way to reflect on this. What we may have been dreaming in for ourselves, has it come to fruition or is it still dormant? Or is it necessary to carry through to the next stage of the cycle? It may be time to release it and let it go.

So really looking at what you’ve got around you in your environment, what you are working with. Is it holding you or is it stopping the energetic flow? Is it stagnating now? It may be something you’ve treasured and cherished and held very close. Perhaps you have a sentimental memory attached with it.

The eclipse energies hold the portals for activations around the Sovereign Self. The authentic golden being coming back to your birth rite. The revolutionaries, the way seers, the creators, the intuits, the non-conformists, and with Uranus moving into Taurus for the next seven years, there’s a strong shake up happening.

We’re seeing the ‘ring of fire’ shaking with all the pacific volcanic activity happening. During the week I had a beautiful friend visit. She has just come back from Hawaii and was sharing with me the story that we’re very familiar with, Pele. As we know Pele is rocking and rolling and the lava’s flowing! My friend shared that Pele has a couple of sisters as well in mythology and you may already be aware of this, I wasn’t, and I found it quite fascinating. We have the fire energy, the volcano energy which is very Uranus and it’s the initiator. Pele spews forth this chaotic and unpredictable call for change which is the creator/destroyer as well. She initiates the process from the Great Creator and then it might be years later, her sister Hi’iaka, which is the fertile one, her sister, the fecundity of Pachamama herself, comes through in the aftermath of Pele and sows new seeds for the fertility for the innovative ideas, for the new growth. For the beautiful blossoming of the new way to come through.

This is symbolically Uranus in Taurus and so this is what Mother Nature is offering up for us, and it is connected in with the ancient stories. Also, it’s about awakening to, ‘Am I happy?’ What is it that you are being called to look at? What is it you’re being called to look at for Pachamama to bring through your medicine gifts, in whatever capacity. This does not necessarily mean you need to be on the stage or out in the limelight. The most incredible people I know that do some amazing work for The Great Mother, they do it behind closed doors and they just look very ‘normal’ people. It is where you feel at home and where your work needs to be done. This also aligns with the full moon in Capricorn, which is coming in next week on Thursday 28th June, and it’s there with Saturn so we’ve got the Great Mother energy of returning home.

The tree guardians, the tree spirits are calling us to find a tree to sit with, to get to know the ‘spirit’ of the tree. We’re spending dollars in therapy to try and find ourselves, to come home to ourselves and we’re forgetting that if we just go and sit with a tree, sit with our back against the tree, and anchor into the earth, the trees are grounded deep into Earth Mother, into the Ancestors and their antennas go out to that Cosmic intelligences. They are the most amazing guardians and teachers and they are right here with us and we’re forgetting about this.

And yes, at times when we’re in crisis we do need therapy in different forms absolutely, but we’re forgetting about immersing ourselves in nature, or going swimming in the ocean, allowing the ocean to cleanse our energy field, to take our pain away, to give us clarity. Walking this path, when did you last walk with your bare feet out on the earth? Or just walk in nature, being with nature. It is an amazing time for anchoring in and returning home to ourselves. Owning our sovereignty of who we are, so Saturn and the Moon, it can be challenging and tough. It can be harsh but it’s REAL.

This is where we are getting rid of all the fluffiness, to get real with ourselves. To get real with what we’re seeing. There is an activation of the third language (your third eye) where you didn’t quite see that story playing out but it’s having the awareness around it and because there are a few retrograde planets through to September-November. It is a wise time to sit, to not be reactive and just sit, watch, observe and be the Witness.

You may see an energy playing out in your loved ones or your family or your friends or where you are working. But you’ve got the awareness now, so it’s about recognising it saying to yourself. “I’m actually choosing not to touch it. Not to engage in the drama, not to engage in the emotional fields. I’m just sitting, holding myself in this, because it’s changing so quickly as well.”

Just keep sitting with yourself, coming back to self and going within. Asking yourself ‘How do I feel in this?’ Because as we know, retrograde periods hold the key to any work with the prefix re; remembering, releasing, reclaiming, reviewing, reassessing renegotiating, reflecting.

Keep bringing it back to this inner sense of self and asking yourself “What is this bringing up for me? And at times, it may come through that you have to set strong boundaries, the parameters for yourself. But just understand what you’re touching in on, if you choose to touch in on something.

The Black Moon and Pluto in Capricorn, there is a deep unearthing and uncovering. We have this potent dynamic duo, as well as the balance. There is shadow work coming up around purging and releasing the toxicity of what you’ve been carrying within yourself that is too heavy to carry any more. You will be feeling it weighing you down. In view of the solstice season it is about bringing back the lightness. Keeping balanced to make sure that the joy comes through so that the majestic Leo, the current nodal axis is pulling us forward.

Venus as the Morning or the Evening Star, with her connection to the Pleiades. Venus is currently in her ascension as the Evening Star so for the past few months (and the next couple of months) we can see her a few days after the dark moon, when the Crescent Moon appears after sunset in the west. You will see the bright star, Venus, there with the Crescent Moon, so it is like the Crescent Moon and Venus are kissing. We are currently in the fourth gateway of ascension, which is the Heart Chakra. Therefore, we have been journeying with the Venus ascension around relationships, heart and joy. Speaking your heart truth, working with inter-personal relationships and values.

As we know, Venus is related to Inanna or Ishtar. In Sumerian mythology the descent of Inanna is about her journey into the underworld. Inanna descends through each of the seven gateways and at each of the gateways which relates to the chakras, she must give up something of worldly value – a loss, a letting goes, a release. When she is down in the Underworld, stripped to the bone for three days & three night she meets her dark shadow Ereshkigal. Inanna has lost everything, so it is here in the shadows of the release and letting go, that the darkness of rebirth occurs, and Venus rises as the Evening Star. This is symbolised in the ancient myth by Inanna’s rebirth and ascension through the seven gateways, claiming her gifts of wisdom.

So, we will see Venus kissing the Moon on the 16th July, which is just after the dark moon and the eclipse in Cancer on 13th July. So, on the evening of the 16th of July, if you look out to the west after the setting sun, you’ll see the Crescent Moon and the brightest star there will be Venus and she’ll be at the 5th Gateway of Ascension, which is the throat chakra. We have been journeying through the journey of the heart to the energetic centre of communication. We are now reclaiming our voice, of being in ‘right relationship’ with ourselves.

Prior to this point, she was rising through the base chakra, through the sacral, through the solar plexus of sovereignty and empowerment. The ascension of Venus means that she is reclaiming her gifts in a whole new light as the Evening Star.

As mentioned three days before, we have the Dark Moon in Cancer 20 degrees and it is also a partial Solar Eclipse. A Solar Eclipse always happens on the Dark Moon, a Lunar Eclipse on the Full Moon.

This solar eclipse in Cancer is about coming home. Coming home to ourselves. It’s an amazing time to do ceremony and ritual around healing the ancestral line. The moon meets the sun on the dark moon so is about our deep embodiment of our solar being with our lunar being, meeting the Beloved Within. Cancer is about our ancestral line but also our soul essence as well. This will be a truly amazing time to clear karmic family stories if that’s where you choose to walk.

A concept that is important to be aware of, is when you are calling in your ancestors, whether they are your blood ancestors or your soul spiritual ancestors – are you calling in the ‘healed ancestors’ or the ‘wounded ancestors’? There may be a wounding on the ancestral line that is being carried down through the generations. It may be your connection with the Great Mother, with the feminine, or it may be your relationship to yourself, or your emotional state of being or with your family. How do you nurture and nourish yourselves, how do you take care of your needs? What is your relationship with speaking your truth by tuning into your inner guidance, your inner wisdom?

It’s an incredible opportunity to tap into the internal compass. Your internal compass that can tell you if you’re not in the right place and it may need to shift to be in the right place. So, it is these finer vibrational frequencies that we’re tuning into if we have developed this awareness.

Eclipses are a strong portal between the worlds, between the past, the present and the future. The Ancient Ones worked with these eclipse energies to release any fear you may be carrying in your being about your safety, your security, especially if you are called as an Earth Medicine healer.

Whether you carry the ancient ancestral line of the witches, the healers, the midwives, the earth people, your soul may carry that memory from other lifetimes and it is time to put down that old story. The so-called ones that have previously tried to dominate and control the masses, well it is not going to work anymore. We are safe, and we are supported in this lifetime. We need to stay vigilant by tuning into the collective consciousness of higher love and raise our vibrational frequencies. We will keep rising and we will keep being here.

This is an important reminder that it is a beautiful celebratory time to hold the beauty, rather than the fear. And if the fear comes up, meet it, befriend it. Know that you are safe to walk your path in this lifetime. To keep speaking your truth. It is about rising the energies – your frequency vibrations, to keep connecting, to keep setting your intentions and praying to the Great Mother and the Creator. Walking the land and walking with the plants. Painting, drawing, dancing and singing – just being quite magnificent in who you are and rejoice in the essence you are carrying.

Partial Solar eclipse Cancer 20 deg 13th July
Total Lunar eclipse Aquarius 4 deg 28th July
Solar eclipse Leo 18 deg 11th August

Audio transcribed from the Star Tribe Circle, Light Centre on Saturday 23rd June.

Copyright Mikailah Gooda – Singing Crow Astrology

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