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Born Planetary Day of Mercury

Planetary Hour of the Moon


I am a mystic, dreamer and poet who dwells with the oakmoss and roses.  


I have spent years learning and mastering the sacred art of astrology. Between the worlds I was sung into existence by an old star language. The stirring of restlessness you feel within is the dreaming medicine I hold for you.


Therefore, what is lost can be reclaimed, loved, nurtured and celebrated.


Take this into your heart and reflect on what lies there for you?  


I invite you to make space in your life for creation, magick, mystery and simplicity.  Listen to your creation song, for it prevails deep within.  


I am someone who sees you, on a cosmic level through the guides of the stars.  Although we may journey together deeply and into other worldly experiences, I will help you to anchor this fully into your current reality.


Grounded, cosmic and driven.  We may ponder upon your past, but we root deeply in the present and plan for your future.


You melt into yourself deeper, as the stars become your teacher.


Much love & stardust blessings x