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Born Planetary Day of Mercury ☿ 

Hour of the Moon

North Node ♓︎

I have always been a mystic, poet, and dreamer; dancing beneath the stars and having conversations with the fae folk & spirits of nature is ingrained in my DNA as a hereditary Witch. 


Born in Australia, I spent my childhood growing up in Aotearoa (New Zealand) and my most cherished memories are of snow-capped mountains whilst walking the ancient tracks down to the sea.

In my early adult years, I studied folk witchcraft, tarot and other esoteric arts. It was after a painful initiation with a poison of the olde gods, that I discovered astrology as a potent, psychological healing tool.  Through a series of profound dreams I was guided to wise women healers & indigenous elders who ignited life back into my weary soul. 


My greatest gifts have come from my travels, which have also created ways for me to share potent messages and visions with others. This opened the way for professional training in astrology and transpersonal counselling, including spiritual emergence and dream therapy.  


These educational programs and sessions blend together through Star Witch Astrology, to support people and ultimately contribute to humanity's evolution through the healing and cultural arts.


I now live with my family on a sacred mountain in Australia, having made a complete circle back home. As an older, more experienced version of myself, I walk the ancient rainforest, whilst pursuing academic studies in cultural anthropology, witchcraft and ethnobotany.  However, I always hear the call of distant lands and sacred places.

So cunning folk, I am grateful that you allowed me to spend a brief time in your world today. I invite you to go far down into your star chart to reach the celestial branches above.​


Much love & stardust blessingx

Mikailah Rachael


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