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Happy New Year

With starlight vision, the ancient ones followed the celestial planetary cycles here on earth.  They had a deep appreciation and respect for the principles of nature existing in correlation with the sun, the moon and the seasons.   

All of creation follows cycles and patterns. This is the time to release the unfulfilled expectations that have been placed around your heart.  Let go of all that no longer serves you into the realm of the ethers.

Cast the words on parchment into the fires of transformation.  Create the dynamic space of peace inside your earthly temple & stoke the hearth fire of wisdom.

Love your body

Love the earth

The beloved spirits of nature dwell in between the worlds of enchantment & disillusionment.  The ravages of Mama Nature make us realise how much we are not in control.

The mystical poet traversing the lands filled with grief & sorrow.  May we all share hope restored in life together.

With the exalted Aries sun comes new beginnings and the start of a new cycle with the astrological New Year.

20th March 2024 @ 1.07pm AEST

☉ ♈︎ 🜂

Check out the astro NY video update ...

The Witches Year - Astro New Year 20 March 2024 @starwitchastrology

If you wish to book sessions - the calendar is open for April 2024.

In service to the divine creation.

Much love & strength

Mikailah Star Witch  𓆃

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