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Upon her resurrection, Ishtar (Venus) rises reborn as the Evening Star and will be visible mid-July, reclaiming her new wisdom and gifts through each of the rainbow chakras. It is here she returns to a place of deep love and acceptance.

This potent initiation rite is still relevant for our modern times. There is a wealth of psychological wisdom within this ancient creation myth from Mesopotamia. The gateways represent the cosmological initiation through the symbolic process of life, death & rebirth.

The core of our being follows this mythical path as we transcend through despair to renewal. The element of true surrender is deeply humbling as we may not logically understand what is happening along the way.

Throughout this collective theme

we engage in the restoration of ecstatic consciousness for humanity and our true authentic nature.

We are reminded after the darkest night, dawn always comes.

Mikailah Rachael

STar Witch Astrology •❥•*¨*•.¸¸..♡


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