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Beautiful Star Lovers


I am delighted to announce my new podcast FOR MAGICKAL FOLK is now LIVE.


This is witchcraft, seasonal earth cycles and astrological planetary lore, all in one online cauldron. Together we explore the stars and cosmic rhythms with your cycles and everyday witchy life.


I will be sharing spontaneous episodes when I am inspired with creativity and magickal conversation.


The first episode is an excerpt from The Witches Year program and is the Winter Solstice Cauldron for the folk in the Southern Hemisphere.


Stay tuned as there will be so much more witchy magick & star lore on its way for all cunning, magickal folk from around the world.



Come and join me in the wild woods and remember the ancient ways.

You will be able to find & follow me on Spotify & Apple platforms.


Sharing enchanting & whimsical yet truthful conversations.

Much love & witchy magick...

Mikailah Rachael

STar Witch Astrology •❥•*¨*•.¸¸..♡

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