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NEPTUNE ℞ Pisces ♓︎ July 2nd

Neptune ℞ Pisces ♓︎ July 2nd - December 8th 2024 AEST.

This retrograde period is like we have been turned back in the mirror of time itself. Otherworldly, mystical realms with ancient sirens who lured many to their oceanic death with their enchanting songs.

Be aware of falling angels & smoking mirrors with this fantastical episode.

Go gently with yourself as much will reveal in this sensitive & emotional ℞ time.  Compassion for yourself and others is the hallmark as you allow the rational mind to surrender & let go…  for this is not a time to force decisions or to take drastic actions.

Trust the Flow ♆

Surrender + Release ♓︎

Welcome all these feelings ♆ Rx

Express yourself with creative dreaming ~ spend time by the ocean, paint, draw, listen to music, meditate, dance whilst immersed in nature. This allows the planetary harmonics both within the personal & collective to have a natural flow with the tidal rhythms.

Deep rest is required over the next few months.

Stardust blessings

¸.•´¸.•*•❥• Mik∆ilah Rachael

STar Witch Astrology •❥•*¨*•.¸¸..♡


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