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The Witches Year Video Series


Welcome to the Witches Year! A treasure trove of video resources containing spells, rituals, and ideas for the eight seasonal celebrations of the Witches Year. I will take you on a MAGICKAL JOURNEY so you can discover your INTIMATE connection and what this means for you. I am delighted to share ALL of this in eight recorded videos DRIPPED to you in REAL SEASONAL TIME before each of the Holy Days. At the end of the Witches Year, you will have ALL OF THIS in one magical package. YOU WILL RECEIVE: 8x pre-recorded 20min videos of the Witches Year & the main seasonal celebrations – delivered in real-time before each of the Sabbats.  Downloadable version for both the northern & southern hemispheres. BONUS Real-time astro overview of each Sabbat - additional ten min video These videos are brief and easy to comprehend, yet packed with incredible content. ​ WITCHES YEARJOURNAL/ In the traditional Witches Wheel of Year there are eight festivals of cross-quarter & quarter points, this beautifully designed journal will include correspondences for each of the seasons plus journal prompts. BONUS Lunar Magick booklet - contains the moon phases + a basic overview of the 12 moon signs. ​ REFUND POLICY: Due to the digital downloads of the products and your immediate access to them, once you have purchased any of Star Witch Astrology products, programs, bundles or any other digital downloads there are no refunds. You will not be refunded any money once purchased.



The Witches Year Video Series, $99.00

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