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Stellar Membership


By mistletoe & oak, this holy place has been created to remind you of your divine mission and purpose here on planet Earth.


We do this through 9x monthly exclusive online 90min group calls with Mikailah. 


If you are a more solitary creature or you unable to join any of the group calls, the replay will be available on the student portal the very next day.


You still get to immerse yourself in the magick and never miss out!


This stellar membership includes session recordings and beautifully designed manuals and resources to support your journey.


I am delighted to meet you in this modern-day cauldron of COSMIC WITCHERY / commencing 6th April 2023. 


If you are a way-seer, progressive visionary or conscious entrepreneur then this is the place for you. 


Around the Full Moon each month, we will explore planetary movements ~ including how best to navigate these transits in your own life & seasonal cycles.


I am a conduit for the feminine astrological energies & ancient lineage of prophetic seers.


There will also be lots of juicy cosmic witchery action!



1. Thursday 6th April – 11am     Full Moon April - opening gathering 


2. Monday 1st May – Beltaine / Full Moon Scorpio


3. Monday 5th June – Solstice Prep


4. Monday 3rd July – Full Moon Cap


5. Monday 31st July – Imbolc / Lammas


6. Monday 28th Aug –Full Moon Pisces


7. Monday 18th Sept – Equinox Prep


8. Monday 30th Oct – Full Moon Taurus / Beltaine / Samhain 


9. Monday 27th Nov – Full Moon Gemini


All gatherings at 11am AEST (Brisbane, QLD) 


Disclaimer – dates may be subject to change. 

Stellar Membership

The stellar membership is an exclusive opportunity for intimate guidance with Mikailah throughout 2023. 


If you are a way-seer, progressive visionary, truth revealer or conscious entrepreneur then this is the place to gather!  


Reserved for a small intimate group of up to 13 members max.   This allows for face-to-face intimacy within the group calls with ample time for Q&A / group interaction & personal reflection with our radically changing world.


For more solitary creatures you can always catch the replays!

What you Receive

  • 9 x Monthly VIP LIVE interactive 90min zoom calls with teachings and guidance from Mikailah Star Witch.  Replays will be available if you are unable to join any of the gatherings.

  • Online Learning Portal with professionally designed PDF download resources, sacred rituals and cosmic witch practices

  • 20% DISCOUNT 1x 1:1 Star Witch Astrology session (valid for 9 months only)

  • EXCLUSIVE OFFER  30min Channelled Session with Sephora Lady of 1000 Roses investment $150. Sessions with Sephora are not a public offering and only available in private container opportunities.

  • RESOURCE library access to Star Witch resources & material

  • EXCLUSIVE CURATED CONVERSATIONS with special guests speakers



Please check terms & conditions at checkout

Save $200 when you enrol by April 1.

Full Investment $1650 after this date.





Please check terms & conditions at checkout

3 x monthly payments totalling $1650

This option expires on April 1

Are you a returning Cosmic Witchery 2022/23 member? 

You qualify for the returning Cosmic Witch upfront discount - total investment only $1350!


Please connect with Mikailah or check your current learning portal for the enrolment discount. 


This is to support you with the collective transits this year and beyond.  We will cover astrological themes on how best to stay centred with the great dismantling and the evolution of humanity.

Terms & Conditions


Program fees are non-refundable. Please only commit to this project if you have the financial ability with ease & grace to honour your upfront or payment plan agreement.  


Payment plans are automated and will be automatically deducted from your nominated credit card each month. It is your responsibility to ensure your payment will be successfully processed. Failure to complete your payment will result in a $25 administration fee automatically charged to your account to cover the administration of following-up payments. 


We respectfully ask that you reciprocate your financial responsibilities without neglecting the details of your contractual agreement to meet your payment date. To support you we request that you diarise your payment dates and that you are active in ensuring the funds are available on the payment date.  



Terms & conditions apply. Once payment is received this is acceptance of the terms & conditions. Disclaimer – dates and times maybe subject to variation. If there are unavoidable circumstances that prevent the live group call from going ahead, a recording will be available within 24hrs. I live on a wild mountain, so we may have unexpected weather patterns that disrupt the internet service.

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