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BLACK MOON LILITH Libra ♎︎ exposes misplaced motives, rising to the surface to be resolved through lengthy arbitration. This sanctified process reveals old emotional wounds & the injustices of misappropriated ‘magic of mouths’ masquerading under the guise of morality, only to steal from another’s treasure chest.

Cast your mind back to August 2023 & the inferior conjunction of Black Moon Lilith / Sun ☉ ♌︎ / Venus ♀℞ with the reclamation of ceremony & deep, old magick. The ancient priestesses who shared from the guilded halls of knowledge whilst communing with the souls of the afterlife.

With the recent Gemini Venus/Sun ♀☉♊︎ superior conjunction, be mindful of the left-hand which offers false platitudes then the sleight of the right-hand with Mercury ☿ the psychopomp & guide of the souls.

When you join your own hands together in prayer, offer from the authentic heart, as the mutable snake-arms weave together in honour of the feminine healed through her glorious resurrection & immortal mystery.

Venus ♀ the planetary ruler of Libra, illuminates all aspects which play in the shadows of the sacred star amulet & magickal protection with the allies of stone, wind, fire & rain.  For these elements hold the precious wisdom embedded in the shrine of the holy heart & the sacred womb ♀

It is important to ultimately remember the noble truth of grace always shines through with pure conscience & resolve with absolute precision in the delicate balancing of the scales. One side is the universal heart & the alternate is the book of karmic lore & action.  Reflect on the symbolism as we cannot return to this place for lack of foresight & integrity is indeed a personal tragedy.

May the words be blessed and the oaths ☿ be heard as the prayers heal the hearts & minds of those who have suffered under the folly of humanity.

As you read these words ☿ dear fellow star travellers & magickal, cunning folk, journey well for the ‘die has been cast’ in these momentous times of practicality & illusion.

Much love & stardust trails…

Mik∆ilah Rachael

STar Witch Astrology •❥•*¨

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