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Chiron in Aries ♈︎

This week I felt the healing balm of Chiron gently soothe the tender scars buried softly in the temple of my heart.

A purification from old painful memories which has existed in the vulnerable, sensitivities of life.

This current Chiron ♈︎ transit conjunct the North Node ☊ revealed the gift of letting go with a true sense of compassion & deeper insights.

There are of course many other perspectives of Chiron regarding these themes of bright shadows.

There will always be variations depending on the sign & house placement of Chiron in your natal chart alongside other planetary aspects.

Each situation in life needs to be viewed with fresh eyes & a maturity along the way.

The theme of Aries ♈︎ is individuality, boundaries & the ability to hold your own especially with exploitation. The strong urge to fight for your existence or maybe you acquiesce to keep the peace.

I am a Chiron in Aries native.

It is a deep core wound you walk with all of your life yet the gold is profound.

“Conflicts create the fire of affects and emotions; and like every fire it has two aspects: that of burning and that of giving light.” Carl Jung

Today I am grateful for the wisdom gained from those past lessons as it allowed me to move forward with clarity. I know myself & my boundaries well.

So my message today is to know in the wounding of Chiron; a divine gift always reveals.

Much love, Mikailah x

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