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Mercury ☿ ℞ & Taurus Szn

Travelling through Mercury ☿ ℞ ♈︎ retrograde is an invitation to relax and create spaciousness for dreams.  

This is a time of reconnection. To follow the great sky river and the pathway of birds.  To be in seasonal harmony with the realms of nature and stellar orientation.

We are now in the solar month of Taurus ☉ ♉︎ ruled by the heavenly Venus the planet of beauty, love and prosperity till 20th May.

Venus ♀ embodies self-love and creative pleasure.  The synthesis of starlight, sound and vibration within the earthly temple. Traversing the skies ♀ ♈︎ with Chiron (the medicine weaver), together they are creating a soothing medicinal balm for matters of the heart & tenderly applying this celestial botanical to any old wounds of the relational soul.

Magickal botanicals of rose, apple blossom, damiana, violets and oak moss are all sacred to Venus ♀ as the secrets of the stars. 

Venus is retreating from the east as the visible Morning Star and will be resting by the fire with her winter cauldron in the South.  For those Northern kin, she will be deep in the woodlands basking by the running waters dreaming of new times to come when she reappears in July as the twilight Evening Star ♀

This week we have the Scorpio Full Moon and the illumination of lost desires and passions.

☽ ♏︎ Weds 24th April @ 9:48am AEST.


What needs to soften with your gaze to find a new expression.

Mercury ☿ ℞ ♈︎ offers the clues.  It is an ideal time to dive into inner worlds and allow more enchantment and self-reflection in life. Allow the grace to honour any tiredness of this ♀ cycle as you come home to love.

Much love Mikailah Star Witch x

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