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Dark Moon Capricorn

Dark Moon Capricorn ☽ 11th Jan 2024 @ 9:57pm AEST

Moon ☽ Sun 20 / Pluto 29 Capricorn

The final completion to close chapters of old contracts & vows from other timelines & dimensions.

Do not get caught in a false sense of sentimentality as the lunar essence stirs up the heart of nostalgia.

You may feel this in your heart but remember we are in the essence of completion.

Focus on embracing creativity & prosperity.  A wealth of personal resources & ownership of your sacred purpose & destiny out in the world.

These are all potentials as we carve our destiny back home to self with Chiron square the Moon.

From the last lunar tone of Sagittarius (mutable Fire) a new sense of being, a golden opportunity exists to rise like the phoenix out of the ashes.

Times have been precarious & challenging as many of us are in despair or bewilderment.

The gritty moment of realism when no short cuts are available and spiritual by-passing is not an option.

Well you can try however there may be dire consequences for this path of denial.

This is a lesson of unwavering resilience; to sit in your own skin, feeling your bones, never underestimating your own inner resources and strength amongst the fears.

Pluto leaves the karmic degree of Capricorn on 20th Jan - the fierce quickening in the downfall of patriarchal dominating systems, characterised by control & power plays of obstinate, militant wills.

Focus on your thoughts.  Energy follows intent.  Be the change you wish to see in the world!

You may be feeling the tensions within your body.  Take time to be with yourself & explore these somatic messages of your physicality.

Embrace them with candour.

The counsel of earthy Capricorn invites you to be purposeful in the summit climb.  The gift is a panoramic view of the evocative landscape below.

Upon the summit gathers a circle of Star elders who wish to know your dreams & visions?

Choose wisely the path you wish to embark upon... one step at a time on this exciting adventure.

Be bold & believe in your dreams!

Remember also to reflect upon how best do we serve the greater collective?

Much love Mikailah x

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