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Dark Moon Pisces ☾ ♓︎ 10th March 2024 @ 8pm AEST

The ancient weavers of fate have a reputation with the destiny of humankind, cosmic lore and controlling the mother thread of life.

This Dark Moon does come with a warning of ideals which are prone to confusion & phantasmagorical fantasy.

Just as the bewitching sirens seduced naive sailors to their death so to can this lunar moon serenade us with themes of deception and misguided enchantment.

Ask yourself where have you been bound or entangled?

In the dark of the night with the waning moon now is the time to cut those cords that falsely bind.

“From the darkness of the web

I call the unseen into seen

Of travesty & parody

Fate weaves me back to gold.”

Stardust blessings

¸.•´¸.•*•❥• Mik∆ilah STar Witch Astrology.


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