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Earth Circles - Beltaine

It’s been a wild four years since Julie Hayes & I shared magik together in ceremony.

We would love you to join us for Beltaine and our seasonal earth circles if you are local to Gold Coast area & beyond.

Wild love & magick xx

Come and join us as we journey through the starlight points of the sun and earth in ancient kinship.

We experience the enchantment with the Celtic songstress Julie Hayes, as she weaves the mystery of healing & sound together.

Mikailah, a keeper of star lore dwells at the fire door with the mugwort, oak moss and roses.  She will share her magickal story telling & ceremonial beauty.


Together they create a sacred ritual space for you to receive.

* Sacred smudging 

* Casting the circle 

* Water Blessings 

* Intention setting 

* Star lore with the astrological skies

* Embodiment processes 

* Integration time 

Special guest - Prayerformance

Early bird special $45 

Tickets purchased after 23rd Oct - full price $55

To keep the circle intimate, we have limited spaces available.   

This is an adult only event for deep nourishment of self.

To secure your space, please text 0404102788. 

Payment details will then be sent to you directly.

In deep love of the earth


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