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Gemini Dark Moon Offering

I would love to offer you all a special 10% discount of my signature program - 3x private mentoring sessions.


  • 3x 60min interactive 1:1 video sessions with Mikailah

  • Extensive knowledge & expertise of Star Witch Astrology

  • Practical tools to navigate your own life cycles & divine blueprint.

  • Transpersonal Integration session to support you with integration after Soul Path Clearing.

  • Digital zoom recordings


Session 1  60 min Soul Astrology

Session 2  60min Soul Path Clearing

Session 3  60min Transpersonal Integration

BONUS Session 3

includes oracle message only avail in private containers AND mentoring program.

With the unbinding of these alchemical sessions, you can step forth with more clarity & grace, on the path of transformation and divine service.

Follow the link below to purchase.

At the checkout apply the coupon code WITCH

to secure your 10% discount of current price. For a limited time only.

Press on link & scroll down the page to Signature Package

Much love & stardust blessings

Mikailah x

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