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THE HOLY WITCHES astrology session ★ Discover your relationship to Medea / Hekate & Black Moon Lilith in your astrological birth chart plus other witchy asteroids.

The Witch ★ is the untameable, wild free spirit. She wants you to claim your inner power, spiritual activism and embody your personal truth with integrity and authenticity.

In the Burning Times of the middles ages we have the dark oppression of the midwives, herbalists, healers and witches ★ Many were burnt or drowned because the church as an institution of control did not trust or want us to have the power that is within all.

The sacred teachings ★ and wisdom of the Great Mother went underground. Many in this time & place, here and now still carry the collective persecution wound from this separation.

The Holy Witches ★ session can support you to identify old soul programs to rediscover your true magnificence and shine, more brightly than ever before ★

The Holy Witches ★ 60min astrology session - bookings are open for June 2024.

Apply code COSMIC at the checkout to receive 15% discount.

The star trails are the souls of the ancient ones returned to dust.

Much love & magick ★

Mikailah Star Witch

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