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Inanna Star • Venus Gateways

Updated: Sep 29, 2022


The Venus Star Journey is an invitation to deeply connect with your body & intelligence in your own unique way, to step beyond the fear conditioning and to be aware of the veil of illusion that has been cast around us all.

We will be throwing off the collective cloak of amnesia, to embody our higher frequencies as sovereign beings of divine expression.

We will spend time listening to the wisdom of the non-linguistic codes that are intricately woven through the intelligences of the plants, trees, birds ~ all living sentient beings that have an ancient wisdom within them. The magickal properties of plants, minerals and animals are all part of the cosmic origin.

Enriched with a more beautiful, abundant, loving existence that transcends the narrative of fear and separation, we will awaken a deeper part of ourselves and therein lies the key to creative sustainability and fulfilment.

When we take this sacred pilgrimage, aligned with the Venus cycle of creation this gives us the opportunity to do an emotional restoration, recalibration and regaining.

The observation and retracing of these celestial movements allows space for a deep cleansing and purification. These receptive themes are present for us ~ as above so below.

Our intention is to imbue the signature of faith in our hearts as our inner & outer landscapes balance emotional needs and desires. A lost aspect of us may reappear like the prodigal child wanting to return home. It can be a challenging dynamic to bear in our bodies as relational sorrow and exhaustion can sometimes be overwhelming in this human sojourn.

When you tune into your energetic chakra system - it may stir up old patterns of soul path narratives. We will explore any discordant energy or where this chakra maybe out of balance for you as a personal reference point.

In our everyday expression we see this play out with the veils of illusion weaving around humanity. We are choosing to move beyond the deceit as we are entering through the portals of time where the cosmic origin is etched in our planet’s crystalline structure of rock, stone, fire and water.

The Gatekeepers of this multi-dimensional journey are calling us to cast spells for our planetary healing of humanity and our stellar footsteps across all time, space and dimensions.

This original misplaced, magical piece is now intertwined as we trust in the unseen worlds of both linear & non-linear realities. The Shining Ones welcome us to remember our deepest, creative potential and soul purpose here on planet Earth.

As cosmic star bodies and keepers of secrets, we will be connecting with them through our prayers and intention for higher dimensional insights and awareness. I invite you on your own embodied journey to explore the chakra doorways and what needs to be released in the alchemical transformation.

Are you feeling the call to journey with the Inanna Star? Find out more here about the upcoming Evening Star Ascension and the Morning Star Decent.

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