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Updated: Sep 29, 2022

This story is about the quintessence of the creative Earth Beings akin to Mama Earth, Gaia. Words carry vibrations so I invite you to receive what is in resonance with your personal cosmologies at this moment in time and release what is not needed to be scattered like leaves in the wind. Ultimately, Lilith’s archetypal energy is about the untameable, wild free spirit. She wants you to claim your inner power, spiritual activism and embody your personal truth with integrity and authenticity.

The astrological work I offer is dedicated to our relationship with Mama Earth, intermingled with our star consciousness.

When we walk the Beauty Way with honesty and dignity, we connect with the Ancestors; the Star People; the Plant People and their medicines; the Devic Spirits; the Tree Guardians and Stone People; the Two Spirits; the Water Beings; the Four Legged; the Two Legged; the Winged Ones and the Insects.

We look to how they commune with us, thereby allowing Mother Nature to teach us and to teach our children through the seasons, the four directions and the elements of Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit. These earth teachings bring great joy, balance and awareness into our integrated Being by celebrating all our relations ~ we are all related, we are all One.

Primarily as feminine encounters, synthesis with our menstrual Star-Fire and fluid intelligence is a sovereign relationship. We align with our menstruum (female lunar essence) through our moon cycle thus cultivating a more harmonious affinity with Mother Earth and guidance of her heartbeat. When we return our blood to her, we hear her voice, we hear her heartbeat. It becomes one with ours. These phenomenological teachings reflect our rich symbolic inner world.

By remembering the cosmic origins we can activate an awakening transmission.

With an open heart and an open mind, we need to take ourselves back in history to around 4000 BCE to some important synchronistic events in the timeline of humanity. This is a powerful teaching story of alchemical archetypal energies altering the collective earth story. There are some important star lineage codes embedded within this storytelling if you happen to go searching or it could be just another remarkable tale.

We are going back to ancient Mesopotamia, around the time of Sumer and Babylon, a cultural area between the Euphrates and Tigris Rivers. Geographically it is the same region as modern-day Iraq. However, ancient Mesopotamia was a very different social structure as it was an egalitarian society. They were a matrilineal, fertility-based people that ritualised the natural cycles ~ the seasonal cycles of spring, summer, autumn and winter. They understood about the sowing of seeds for the new cycle and the fruition that comes with that through tending to the plants, tending to the seeds as they grow and the metaphorical dreams and visions that come forth with this to the time of the Great Harvest.

There was significant celebration around the harvesting and the people also understood about winter coming in and the need to release what is no longer required, essentially this is the cycle of birth, life, death and rebirth. They were connected in with the heavenly spheres by myth, magick and mysticism.

In mythology Lilith dwells in the bottom of the Tree of Life and this represents the base chakra. She inhabits the tree with the great serpent, one of her totem animals. The serpent symbolises feminine knowledge, healing and oracular vision. Lilith is known as the ‘screech owl of the night sky’ and the owl embodies the lunar and blood mysteries. Her sacred flower is the Lily. The top of the tree is the home of Inanna (Sumerian) or Ishtar (Babylonian). Inanna/Ishtar reside in the top of the tree with the Anzu bird. Therefore, we have a direct correlation with the ancient bird/snake deity, personifying the shamanic journey of a person taking flight from the physical body during a vision quest to find truth and purpose by communing with Spirit.

One of Lilith’s primordial roles was to go into the fields and joyously dance the people back to the temple of Inanna/Ishtar. The people would celebrate, feast and make music for the holy rites of fertility. They would engage in sexual relations and experience an orgasmic connection with the Divine Creative Life Source. They had great awareness about the kundalini energies moving through them to gain enlightenment.

In these times, the children were considered ‘gifts of the Great Mother’. The whole community would raise the children in these earth medicine ways. When women bled on the dark moon they would go into what we know as the red tent. They would bleed for three days and three nights and be lovingly looked after and cherished by the rest of the community. Their dreams would be received for the revealing of prophecies that would come through their blood song.

The dreaming medicine also included the healing ways of the plants, the healing ways of the wise people. The ancient circles would hold the wisdom of the Elders & they were consulted before any major decisions were made for the benefit of their community. There was great freedom, however with freedom comes responsibility.

Lilith also appears in the Old Testament. There has been an energetic shift from the matrilineal times and we are now in patriarchal reign. The dominator race has come into being with destructive patriarchal conditioning and new archetypal energies are occurring with ego development. In this storyline, Lilith was the first wife of Adam. One day Lilith confronted Adam with her hand. The hand symbol is either a warning or a greeting. Lilith said to Adam “I do love you my husband but you need to treat me as your equal in this partnership. For I will not lie beneath any man and be subservient.” Adam, the dominator archetype, refused to meet Lilith on these terms of equality. So instead of being subordinate and compromising her truth to meet someone else’s values, Lilith willingly chose to leave her family and tribe. She went to live with kindred nature spirits in the wilderness. Even though Lilith intentionally chose to leave her community, the ancient patriarchal fathers banished her and all that was sacred to women. They created fear and superstition around the story of Lilith and perpetuated a complex, collective wound.

Throughout the collective psyche, Lilith grew to be feared and was renowned for being the child killer, temptress and demonic hag. Corrupted folklore fed this superstition of the vilified woman who became associated with shame and taboo. Subjected to the projection of the patriarchal shadow, the female psyche throughout the ages experienced the dark night of the soul; the deep well of grief; denigrated status; sexual trauma and emotional repression; difficulties with conception and birthing; incarceration; madness; suicide and death.

In the Burning Times of the middles ages we have the dark oppression of the Goddess religion, the midwives, herbalists, healers and witches. Many of whom were burnt or drowned because the church as an institution did not trust or want us to have the power that is within all. ‘For she is unsafe. She is not to be trusted ‘~ this was the distorted moralistic message that grew within the patriarchal collective. The sacred teachings and wisdom of the Great Mother went underground. Many still carry the old traumatic wound of persecution and separation.

In the Victorian era, we recount absurd sexual repression. A woman with strong Lilith energies was called the seductress, whore or harlot. Great artists of this time painted Lilith as the Fallen Woman. We remember with great honour, the suffragettes who fought to bring back women’s rights, many of whom were incarcerated and some lost their lives in the hunger strikes. We acknowledge the women’s revolution in the sixties and seventies with the reclaiming of natural birthing and women’s equality. These respective, collective feminist waves resurrected the warrior energy of Lilith, calling for emancipation from a governing system that dictates domestication and enslavement. Those bold and fiery women embraced the forbidden side of the wild feminine in all her glory.

Now we are in potent, revolutionary times of the collective consciousness and changing our story. This is my passion, by exploring your personal story through transpersonal astrology and the Hasidic myth of Lilith, we can track the energetic cords of disempowerment and discover a new map of freedom, purpose and authenticity. Lilith is a powerful emissary.

We first look at the asteroid of Lilith which signifies Lilith confronting Adam in the Hasidic myth. This is aspected in your chart by the Dark Maiden and when you first stood up to the rigid domination of patriarchal culture.

Next, we journey to the Dark Moon Lilith (DML) which is a second satellite to the earth and it perplexes astronomers because they don’t know if it really exists. The Dark Moon Lilith encapsulates that hidden, rejected energy of Lilith who was banished to the desert. Archetypally, she is the ‘exiled social outcast’ and the source of internalised wounding. Dark Moon Lilith represents the shadow and if not owned or transmuted can turn into the poison of twisted pain where we project the dysfunctional dark feminine. If internalised it can lead to self-hatred. Lilith will only come out of the shadows to be healed when she feels safe. It is vital not to stay stuck in this place, no matter how uncomfortable the ‘drawing out’ makes us feel. It takes great strength, courage and vulnerability to do this rite of passage across the threshold to cultivate a loving and compassionate relationship with previously disowned parts of self.

Thirdly, the Black Moon Lilith (BML) is a powerful energy vortex, estranged in her relationship to the earth and the lunar moon. The lunar moon has an elliptical orbit around the earth and therefore there are two center points of gravity. The Black Moon Lilith is the second point of gravity and the furthest away ~ the lunar apogee. The Black Moon Lilith is the intermediary state that brings through abstract, and at times multi-layered themes of scarred emotional patterning. It is important in this liminal stage to access the sub-conscious and make it conscious , and to also release wounded cellular memories that have been stored in our physical bodies. This interwoven metamorphosis with Lilith reawakens and rekindles our magnificent soul potential and wildness. Her gift is to embrace the evolutionary process for humanity and progressive collective shift for our planet. We are the Ones we have been waiting for.

When we understand with wisdom our personal story, we can then witness the unbinding of the chains, to live a rich life in primal creative existence with our organic world. Our empowered and grace-filled voices can be heard in deep resolute union as we return home to the bountiful Garden of Eden ~ or maybe we never left.

Mikailah Star Witch

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