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Lunar Magick online course

I became a MOON TRACKER in my late twenties. Day and night I would track where the moon was in the heavens above and record this in my journal. 

I did this for many moons and in doing so I developed a living connection with the lunar + earth cycles.

I began to notice a big difference in my life and my INNER WORLD.  There are incredible benefits from being IN SYNCH with the natural flow of our organic world.

For over twenty years, I have offered these workshops and courses.  Now I am delighted to share ALL of this with you online.

Welcome to the LUNAR MAGICK online course for both the Northern & Southern Hemispheres.

Over the 4 weeks, I will take you on a JOURNEY to share lunar insights so you can discover you own INTIMATE connection and what this means for you.

We gather once a week (dates below)for a live 60min zoom call - 10:30am Qld time

1.  Thurs 9th Nov

2.  Thurs 16th Nov

3.  Thurs 23rd Nov

4.  Thur 30th Nov

We explore in ‘real time’ sky astrology a full 28 day lunar cycle.


For those of you unable to make the live group call due to time differences this is recorded & available 24hrs after.

You will still receive FULL value!

I will show you how to track these ACTIVATIONS in your natal chart!

Remember this is all about YOU and your RELATIONSHIP with your own chart.


• Lunar phases & their significance

• Eclipse energies in your own chart

• Lunar botanical lore

• Ancient dream temples

We will be together for a full lunar cycle to explore all of this in an interactive way.

There will be time for Q&A within the call.

In signing up for the course you will have access to online resources & tools that will support you in this exploration.


✨ Personal 45min lunar astrology session ~ to explore your natal moon sign + lunar nodes +  planetary activations & transits. (valued $180)

✨ Lunar Magick - 38 page resource book + beautifully designed moon journal


Mikailah Star Witch  𓆃


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