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Magickal Plant Lore

There is a deep respect & communion to be in relationship with plant lore & magick ☽ to truly listen and be called into a lifetime of dedication & service.

I have been in forest temples with wild thorns in sacred ritual & initiation ☽ just myself & my plant teachers showing me the way.

To dream, to be, to sit and listen to their whisperings.

I have been tricked and deceived but always taken through doors into other realms to return again.

As a hereditary earth witch & daughter of the plants (long before I was known as an astrologer) there is a natural lore of reciprocation when in apprenticeship to any plant ally.

Since a young woman I have travelled to exotic lands with my wicker basket filled with herbs, resins & flowers for magickal folk ☽ spells & casting.

I have grown amazing beauties in my tiny witches garden & tended to them whilst wild harvesting with their permission.  I have always done this wherever I have lived.

It is the botanical non-linguistic code of honour to heed their teachings as they are not always soft & gentle.

Instead they may be brutal & unrelenting, grinding you down in the mortar & pestle till you are the resin dust itself ☽ then madly scatter you to the winds to find your own way back home.

I share about the stories & lore of the plants ☽ alongside folk witchcraft in my 2024 Cosmic Witchery container.

You will know if there is a sacredness & holy substance there.

I share this because I am not a qualified herbalist nor have I ever claimed to be ☽ I have studied foundational components of herbal science though I would never prescribe as that is beyond my reach.

I am aware of duty of care and credibility in this field.  I have an amazing team of herbalists whom I also work with.

However, I have been trained & initiated in magickal plant lore & folk witchcraft so I work energetically with the plants.

This has taken me on pathways of study over thirty years with various plant teachers, herbalists & sorceresses, but first & foremost the plant spirits themselves.

So go well beautiful cunning folk … with eyes wide open!

In love & gratitude to my dear Hydrangea Witch & feminine protector Mama ☽ Mugwort.

Much love Mikailah x

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