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Beautiful Star Lovers

Due to an unexpected chain of events, sessions have now opened up for this Friday 15th & Saturday 16th March.

With liminal perception, significant messages & visions are offered as you witness soul contracts from other times, places & dimensions. 

Karmic residue & blockages maybe cleared whilst offering guidance and fresh insight.  


For cunning, magickal folk - the ancient witch wound can reveal the old story of persecution and fear. 

The space gently opens to tend to this within your own sacred memory of healing. 


This BESPOKE session is a potent balm for you shine in your true & brave magnificence.



  • Soul doula - witness past life contracts + records

  • Release sabotaging narratives & unbind the old spells

  • Clear karmic residue from other times & places

  • Soul path / relationship & ancestral healing

  • Astrological insights for this time


  • 60min video session – 1:1 time with Mikailah

  • Knowledge & wisdom of Star Witch Astrology

  • Practical tools to navigate your own life cycles & divine blueprint.

When booking if you need a special time please contact me to arrange.

Astrology sessions are also available.

Check out booking link to see a selection of services.

At the check out apply the code COSMIC to receive 15% discount at the time of booking.

Hopefully see you Friday ♀ sacred day of Venus.

Much love, Mikailah x

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