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Mugwort / Sacred to the Moon

Welcome to Monday - a day sacred to the Moon!

One of my feminine plant guides is Mugwort / Artemisia Vulgaris.

☽ Sacred to the moon & lunar magick ☽

I have grown this amazing beauty in my witches garden & tended to her whilst wild harvesting with permission for many years.

She has travelled with me in my medicine pouch and communed with me in dreams.

Mama Mugwort has initiated me in many ways but one night in ceremony, sky clad surrounded by other banshee women howling at the moon is forever etched in my memory.

I had an incredible collection of her magnificent silvery green wands ☽ draped over my naked body as I sat on the earth in silence.

I listened to the rage & cry’s of the collective witches & healers across the ages of time.

The Ninshubar sisters play their medicine drums for hours guiding us through this ritual of death & rebirth as midwife’s of the soul.

Such a deep healing happened that night and I am in service to her.

☽ Alis volat propriis ☽

She flies with her own wings

Please also refer to my previous post on respecting plant lore.

Much love Mikailah x

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