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Scorpion Magick

This is a potent eclipse season of old endings and new beginnings … the ricochet effects lasting for the next few months with Pluto retrograde.

There are magical un-bindings around words, or messages.  Mercury ☿ governs trickery & soul thieves.  In ancient tales, robbers think they are finding treasure only to discover scorpions ♏︎ instead.

Be aware of the divine unfolding of cosmic lore… what has unjustly been taken will be returned.

The symbolic language of resurrection with the ancient mysteries buried deep in the soul… the home coming with this lunar eclipse in Scorpio ♏︎

The dreaming realm also allows a different capacity of knowledge or wisdom at this time of the witches year.

A time to be gentle and tender. This vulnerable space can surprise us in the emotional realm with immense rawness & sensitivities ripping through the etheric body.

Allow time in nature to be with the earth and listen to the bird songs.  You will find a soothing balm in the sacred ♉︎ haven of the flowers & plants.

Wild, vengeful anger may also be uprising from the underworld.  The submerged plutonic energies are spewing forth with volcanic intensity.

The psychic veils are thin so transparent honesty is the remedy with any shadow projections or insecurities poisoning the psyche.

The gift of transmutation through radical self responsibility, and as always vigilance with the universal law of cause & effect.

There are extreme lessons & challenges present when misguided energies covet your sacred gifts, your craft and magick out in the world. 

Check out what house sector Pluto Rx is activating in your natal chart - this is where the clue lies.

Be brave and listen to your heart. 

Give yourself love & compassion to fortify the courageous journey ahead.

This is indeed a truly potent & magical time for radical rebirth… the treasures lie within you.

Mikailah Star Witch  𓆃


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Nuria Buenrostro
Nuria Buenrostro
May 06, 2023

Thank you for your beautiful words of wisdom and encouragement through these challenging times ❤️

Replying to

My pleasure x

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