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Solar Eclipse Aries 20th April 2023

The eclipse veils are thin between the past, present and future timelines of  magick & sorcery.


What chapters are closing?

What new ones are opening?

The eclipse energies hold the portal of the Sovereign ♈︎ Self … I AM

It is an incredible opportunity to tap into your internal compass as it can tell you if you are not in the right place and where it may possibly need to shift.  Tuning into the subtle messages of your body.

Meeting the place where fear dwells within - you may be carrying this in your body around safety & security ☾ know that all is sacred & all is welcomed.

Whether you carry the ancient ancestral line of the witches, healers, midwives, or the earth people, your soul may carry this memory from other times.

Now may be the opportunity to write | to be creative and allow movement … or stillness ~ for the feeling to expand into a new chapter.

Whatever YOU need in this moment.

Solar Eclipse 29 deg Aries ♈︎

AEST 2:16pm / 20th April 2023

Cardinal fire | the Aries ♈︎ flame - to rise like the Phoenix and anoint yourself from the ashes of the ancient pyre.

Much love & strength

Mikailah Star Witch  𓆃

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Synergy. Potent dreaming and a message direct from spirit in the past 24 hours. I have spent the morning in sojourn with beloved St Germain working with his gift of the Violet Flame. It cannot be understated the potency of aligning body/ mind with Earth and Sky energies as a fundamental blueprint of healing and evolution rather than a peripheral atteibute to sit with the “cool kids”. Journey well and with love♥️

Me gusta
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