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Solar Eclipse Libra ☾ ♎︎

Solar Eclipse Libra ☾ ♎︎

15th October 2023 AEST

Libra represents the air 🜁 element of balance, integrity, fairness, harmony and beauty.

This is the time to bring balance back into your life and make amends.

What have you attracted in your life that now needs to be released?

What has served its purpose and now needs to be cut away?

The focus will be on relationships, finances, contractual arrangements  and partnerships with Venus ♀ the planetary ruler.

The eclipse ☾ season is calling for the karmic balancing of the scales.

Are your relationships symbiotic where they truly allow the person to walk side by side in unison, to be free in exploration with each other and to speak with objectional differences?

There are those experiencing ♀ financial losses due to contractual arrangements ♎︎.

There are those experiencing ♀ financial loss due to contractual or relationship arrangements ending.

All that is perceived as being unfair or unjust is now exposed thanks to Pluto ♇moving direct & Mars in Scorpio ♏︎

The powerful creator/destroyer ♇ rising with a new purity of energy to transmute old patterns of manipulation and power.

Be brave wild hearts & speak from a place of full disclosure as the Lords of Time balance the scales with gold & lead.

This shall path the way for inner peace and new directions.

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