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Solar Season ☉ ♉︎

Taurus ☉ ♉︎ Fixed Earth

Planetary Ruler Venus ♀

All flowers are sacred to Venus

This solar ☉ szn is about sustainability and how we consciously choose to live on this amazing planet, Mama Earth.

𓆸 Her blood flows through our veins.

𓆸 It is her air that we breathe.

𓆸 It is her body that we walk upon each day.

Remember each step you take is a prayer.

Set intentions around what you wish to invoke with the waxing lunar cycle till the lunar eclipse 6th May.

There will also be unbinding of old spells and magick with the recent solar eclipse 20th April.

There has been magical un-bindings around words | messages | dreams that have allowed an activation of a different capacity of knowledge or wisdom to transpire ☿ ♉︎ Rx

We need to be gentle and tender with ourselves. This is a space that can surprise us in our vulnerability and rawness of sensitivity.

Spend time in nature or by the ocean.


You may personally be going through an extreme lesson or challenge where there has been misguided projection / blame around your sacred gifts, your craft, your magic, your identity out in the world and what does this mean for you?

This is a powerful time to upgrade your conscious dreaming of what your purpose and direction is out in the world moving forward.

Be brave, be magical and listen to your heart.


My astrological forecasts will be primarily focused around the themes of solar alchemy, lunar magick, and the Venusian capacity to step into our creative prosperity and celebrate our gifts.

Much love through the eclipse portals x

Mikailah Star Witch  𓆃

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