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Solar Season Gemini ☉ ♊︎

Solar Season / Gemini ☉

Element – Mutable Air

Planetary Ruler – Mercury ☿


Gemini ︎ sets the solar tone for the month 21st May – 21st June.

This mutable air energy encompasses the sacred breath of life and the library of nature.

Freshness of thoughts and aromatic spells cast upon the winds of change.  

Mercury ☿ the planetary ruler is the bringer of messages from the unseen worlds.

Gemini themes

• Polarity of views

• Communication & networking

• Community

• Short travel

• Education


The winged ☿ messengers and the guides of the underworld are alive in this archetypal energy.

Hummingbird medicine which is joyful, light and resilient brings the gift of stillness in times of great intensity.

In mythology, Mercury ☿ is the guide to the underworld and carries the dreams of Morpheus to the human realm. 


We have a divine connection with divination and messages through our dreams.


This is woven throughout all of my programs to explore your own dreaming landscape and symbolism.


It is vital to know thyself when working with other spiritual realms, to develop a rapport and trusted relationship with your messenger guides in times of uncertainty.

We need to use our discernment to overcome any illusion or trickery that is being played out in the world around us or indeed within our own internal landscapes.


As always trust in your own guidance & deeper relationship with your faith.

Astrology is a transpersonal guide and resource map.


Remember we are not dominated by these external energies but we can be in divine cosmic flow & harmonisation with our world.

Some of my favourite witchy herbs associated with Mercury ☿ and the season of Gemini ︎ are almond, fennel, honeysuckle & lavender.

Stay tuned …. as I will be ‘behind the scenes’ sharing my favourite places from the witchy place where I am blessed to live on Instagram @starwitchastrology


Much love, Mikailah Star Witch x



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