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The Forbidden Fruit - Venus ♀Rx / Black Moon Lilith in Leo ♌︎

The Forbidden Fruit - Venus ♀Rx / Black Moon Lilith in Leo ♌︎ Part 1

YOUTUBE full video viewing 36mins - click on link below

A modern-day cosmic journey with Venus and the Moon dancing together in an intimate relationship, where we create magick each lunar month.

These celestial feminine rites are based on the ancient codes of Venus in the heavens, as the Inanna Star.

I invite you to join me in monthly activations of the embodied rites of Venus aka the Morning or Evening Star.

You will receive teachings & guidance to support you in preparing your own devotional rituals & practises.

The COMPLETE JOURNEY of both the Morning & Evening Star Gates is over 18 months.

Mikailah recounts this ancient journey through soul-crafting, feminine story-telling and witchcraft.

Enriched with a more beautiful, abundant, loving existence that transcends the narrative of fear and separation, we will awaken a deeper part of ourselves and therein lies the key to creative sustainability and fulfilment.

​Venus as the MORNING STAR offers a potent de-armouring over nine months of inner reflection through soul retrieval and ultimate surrender.

This is where you discover your CREATION CODES and sense of PURPOSE with your sacred GIFTS out into the world.

We SURRENDER to deeply listen as we drink the early MORNING DEW and see WORLDS within worlds.

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